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Prima capsules, also known as Prima figure pills and tablets, belong to the group of food supplements. Accordingly, it is not a medicinal substance. The capsules are primarily used to reduce excess body fat and are often referred to as fat burners or weight loss capsules.

Prima Capsules Reviews & Rating UK

Prima tablets
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  • Possible positive effects
    • Accelerates the metabolism
    • Triggers a feeling of satiety (satiety capsules)
    • Reduces the feeling of hunger
  • With the active ingredient Garcinia Cambogia
  • Suitable for both men and women
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  • No side effects are known
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Prima tablets Reviews and Rating

People who are struggling with excess weight and want to reduce it gently can use this preparation. The aim of taking the product is to slowly lose a small amount of body weight in the gram range. In contrast, Prima capsules are beneficial if the body fat is to melt away to the extent of several kilograms. The quite universal active ingredients are effective in combination with sporting activities. However, results are also achieved when people do little or no exercise.

Furthermore, Prima capsules NHS are considered a useful support and accompaniment to a weight management diet. Fat burners such as Prima weight loss capsules also promote weight loss results in the context of a scheduled workout. Together with a reduced diet, Prima capsules promote an increase in the basal metabolic rate of energy. The combination with caffeine has the same effect. Prima Pills have a stimulating effect on the metabolism and the release of serotonin.

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The basis of the effect of Prima capsules is an increase in metabolic activity. In colloquial usage, this process is often referred to as “boosting the metabolism” or fat burning.

Taking Prima capsules naturally leads to the desired results more quickly if the diet is changed and physical activity is increased. Hydroxycitric acid also releases the fats stored in the fat cells. These are then available for additional metabolism. Under these conditions, energy consumption increases, especially the breakdown of fat reserves. Due to the special ingredient, weight reductions of up to almost 900 grams daily are achievable according to empirical values.

Garcinia Cambogia extracts thus force thermogenesis, i.e. fat burning, on the one hand. On the other hand, they contribute to a slowing down of the catalytic effect of citrate lyase.

Citrate lyase is a biocatalyst that is needed as an enzyme for the release of energy. For the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate, the organism needs sugar or energy-rich glucose. By influencing complicated biochemical reaction chains in connection with citrate lyase and ATP, HCA inhibits the build-up of body fat. In other words, Garcinia Cambogia causes the synthesis of fatty acids by inhibiting ATP citrate lyase. As a result, fewer carbohydrates from the diet are converted into fat reserves.

The chemical structure of hydroxycitric acid also contains potassium. The potassium is responsible for preventing the accumulation of proteins and carbohydrates in the form of energy reserves.

HCA is a proven active ingredient that curbs the annoying feeling of hunger with cravings and a persistent appetite. The chemical structure of hydroxycitric acid prevents the conversion of carbohydrates (sugar) into fat reserves. Fat in the food is not absorbed by the intestine. It is therefore no longer available for fat storage and is simply excreted. This effect greatly facilitates the loss of body weight. At the same time, Prima capsules ensure that a diet is characterised by a lasting effect. The dreaded yo-yo effect can thus be more easily avoided by those affected.

Ultimately, hydroxycitric acid controls the endogenous (regulation via the body) fat synthesis. People with constitutional obesity also benefit from Prima capsules.

L-carnitine effect

L-carnitine plays a central role in the reduction of excess body fat. Contrary to numerous assumptions

L-carnitine is most effective in combination with other similar substances.

L-carnitine is an amino acid, a building block of proteins. One of the various functions of L-carnitine in the organism is the mobilisation of fat reserves and free fats. In order to be broken down by the cells and converted into fat deposits, fat taken in through food is bound by L-carnitine and transported into the “cellular power stations”. There, the fat is metabolised. The more fat molecules that can be transported via L-carnitine, the more fat components become energy. By taking in sufficient L-carnitine, fat burning can therefore be accelerated.

L-arginine effect

L-arginine is another amino acid that intervenes in fat metabolism. L-arginine in the Prima capsules is a semi-essential basis for the regeneration and building of muscle mass as well as a fat metabolism activator.

L-carnitine and L-arginine facilitate weight loss in that both amino acids cause an increase in fat breakdown. Both substances are able to prevent the build-up of fat deposits to a certain extent. This happens as follows:

L-arginine and L-carnitine can change the metabolism in such a way that the occurrence of other amino acid chains is reduced. Amino acid chains as the basic framework of proteins are suspected of triggering so-called insulin resistance under certain conditions, which is usually due to existing obesity.

The additional fat-burning effect of L-arginine results from the stimulation of protein synthesis taking place in the muscle cells. The production of protein is fundamental to maintaining muscle mass. During this process, a large amount of energy is consumed. The body takes this from the fat cells. L-arginine therefore creates muscles instead of fat deposits. A higher proportion of muscle means a higher energy consumption (basal metabolic rate).

With regard to the topic of interactions with synthetic or natural active pharmaceutical ingredients, no abnormalities are known so far. It is important to observe the correct dosage. The instructions of the respective manufacturers are decisive.

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Prima Diet Pills NHS Ingredients

The most important ingredient, the so-called Garcinia Cambiogia extract, is of purely vegetable origin. It is extracted from the malabarta bark and is rich in hydroxycitric acid.

After harvesting, the bark is subjected to a drying process so that the concentrated ingredient HCA can then be extracted. The concentrated extract contains up to 60 percent hydroxycitric acid or HCA.

Besides hydroxycitric acid, other organic substances such as L-arginine and L-carnitine are included in the Prima capsules. Both L-arginine and L-carnitine are harmless and free of side effects in the dosages advertised by the manufacturer.

The dietary supplement Prima Capsules NHS, based on hydroxycitric acid, is gluten-free. No artificial preservatives, genetically modified additives or flavour enhancers are used in the production process. The different dosage levels are practical. The weight loss product is suitable for people with allergies.

For the sake of completeness, appropriate excipients should be listed: Talc, animal gelatine and magnesium stearate. A vegetable raw material, cellulose, is also used as an excipient for the production of the special dosage form, the capsules. The HCA is dissolved in a carrier substance made from plants.

The gelatine consists of denatured collagen (denaturation is associated with the destruction of the natural protein structure). This comes from bovine or porcine connective tissue.


Basically, both men and women of adult age can take the lactose-free Prima capsules. Many professional and amateur athletes also use Prima capsules. The fat burner is therefore equally beneficial for those in training. The optimal dosage is one capsule a day. The best time is in the morning, about four quarters of an hour to half an hour before a meal. It is best to take it orally with about 400 ml of sugar-free tea or water. It is not advisable to take it in the evening because the intensity of the metabolism decreases during sleep. According to the manufacturer, one daily dose contains 720 mg of hydroxycitric acid. A daily ration is 3 capsules.

Prima tablets can be increased in daily dosage. However, the daily ration should not exceed six capsules. If the highest possible dose is exceeded, unpleasant side effects cannot be ruled out. This also applies to evening intake. These include, for example, sweating, an increased pulse and palpitations, as well as sleep disturbances and hypertension (an increase in blood pressure).

Unlike tablets, capsules are not divisible. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the individual concentration of hydroxycitric acid from the outset. If the concentration of hydroxycitric acid in a herbal consumer product with Garcinia Cambogia reaches a relative minimum value of 60 percent, these products are classified as high-dose applications. Information on absolute amounts may vary from supplier to supplier. If the amount of HCA is above 1,500 mg, the daily dosage should be reduced.

Here is an example for 500 mg Prima capsules:

The maximum daily dosage should be 1,500 mg Garcinia Cambogia, which corresponds to three capsules of 500 mg Garcinia Cambogia each. In 1,500 mg high-dose capsules, there is a total of 60 percent hydroxycitric acid (900 mg).

As the dose of HCA increases, the amount of Prima capsules per day decreases. Using high doses reduces the frequency of intake throughout the day. However, this processing makes it difficult to adjust the dose variably. In addition, intolerances due to a possible unintentional overdose cannot be ruled out.

Overweight persons who would like to improve weight loss with Prima capsules are welcome to discuss the use of the weight loss product with a treating physician.

Prima Diet Pills – Where to buy

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  • Prima capsules UK are reputable, the product is shipped after order (no fake shop).
  • Scientifically studied active ingredients.


Prima capsules are not available in pharmacies. They are available without a prescription and only in the official online shop.

Prima Pills Testimonials, studies and reviews from customers

  • Prima capsules UK are a contemporary aid to losing weight, which convinces with its uncomplicated, flexible intake. Many people who want to lose weight use Prima capsules for physical optimisation and at the same time as psychological support. Since noticeable results are achieved quite soon, it is possible to stay motivated on a diet for longer and not give up prematurely. This is a common problem. If only a small amount of weight is lost, most people give up and resign. This happens to a much lesser extent with Prima weight loss capsules.
  • The lack of intolerances and side effects are positive. As there are no contraindications to medication, there are no restrictions in this respect.
  • Prima capsules are appreciated by many users for their positive properties. Due to the lack of side effects with other known substances, Prima capsules can be combined very well with additional weight loss preparations. In practice, this means that a lasting stimulation of thermogenesis is achieved by taking fat burners for the night hours.
  • With regard to quality, numerous reviews emphasise the minimal size of the capsules. Swallowing is therefore very easy if sufficient liquid is drunk with it. For customers who react sensitively to taking tablets or capsules and experience nausea, taking the small application form is no problem. Users also appreciate the fact that cravings occur less frequently and that weight loss effects are gradually achieved. Once a feeling of satiety has set in, it remains for a longer period of time than without hydroxycitric acid. Prima capsules therefore also belong to the group of natural satiety preparations and appetite suppressants. They always emphasise that Prima capsules, like other commercially available herbal weight loss products, do not work in a flash. However, the motivation is high and in the long term, unwelcome fat deposits are reduced.
  • A decrease in appetite and a disappearance of agonising cravings – this is what users who have already lost weight describe. The curbing of appetite and hunger is also described when taken in the evening without additional physical activity during the day. These aspects are described as extremely helpful and supportive. The majority of common diets without Prima capsules fail because of hunger in between.
    Prima capsules are odourless and have no annoying taste of their own. This is another favourable aspect. Even allergy sufferers get on well with them.
  • Recommendations have repeatedly been made that Prima capsules plus a change in diet plus more physical exercise work quite quickly and have a rapid effect. The side-effect-free nature of the capsules makes them much easier to use in everyday life and supports well-being. Annoying complaints such as nausea, flatulence, dizziness, dry mouth and headaches do not occur.
  • Especially in the dull, lightless winter months, depressive moods often set in. A pleasant side effect of the Prima capsules is the increase in serotonin secretion. The result is a better mood and a possible lack of drive. This in turn is conducive to engaging in active pursuits with a fun factor. People who choose Prima capsules thus benefit in several ways.
  • Hydroxycitric acid in Prima capsules enables weight loss enthusiasts to manage their weight in a targeted way in their normal everyday lives. The appetite suppressant with excellent satiety effect prevents the build-up of fat deposits.
  • In the meantime, there is a so-called meta-analysis on Garcinia Cambogia, which serves as scientific proof of the fat burning effect. The analysis showed that several participants actually lost weight. Hydroxycitric acid also led to an increase in fat burning during a workout, in contrast to the use of placebos. Therefore, there are definitely studies that provide information about the effectiveness of Garcinia Cambogia.

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Conclusion and rating

Cravings and appetite can be triggered by a bad mood. As HCA stimulates the release of serotonin in the brain, the mood lifts and the appetite for high-calorie foods fades. In particular, these recurring cravings tempt people to eat large amounts of calories. Simply by reducing cravings, overweight people save massive amounts of calories.

Prima capsules help to avoid such “exceptional situations” so that a sensible, controlled weight loss can be guaranteed. In addition, the percentage of body fat decreases with the regular use of Prima capsules. In this way, first noticeable losses of excess body weight could be observed on average already after about two to four months.

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