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Arctos AC

Arctos AC is a close-packed, light air cooler that can replace an air conditioner in cooling the interior air of your house or office.

This air cooler is a preferable choice because its dimensions are very small in contrast to other air coolers.

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Quick facts:

  • Quick cooling of the space in about 30 seconds
  • Quieter in operation than normal air conditioners
  • Adjustable vents, air flow can be targeted
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Reputable product from the United states, not a scam product
  • Solid engineering in a robust housing
  • Satisfaction guaranteed by manufacturer
  • Currently available with up to 55% discount for a limited time

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Steve Smith
Steve Smith

Arctos Portable AC Review

You can take the Arctos portable air cooler everywhere because of its design. It’s just as ideal at home as it is at work. A garage is a terrific place for it, and your yoga studio will appreciate having one.

You can use it in place of your home’s air conditioning to significantly reduce your monthly electric cost while still producing a cool breeze that breaks through the oppressive heat.

The Arctos portable air cooler is made by a reputable and well-known technology company equipped with cutting-edge technology to give advanced cooling functions.

The air cooler from Arctos Personal Space Cooler performs better than usual when it comes to providing the anticipated cooling benefits, and the cooling effects provided by the product are apparent.

Even though the air cooler is smaller than typical air coolers, you should evaluate it based on size. The product outperforms some of the top ones on the market in terms of efficiency.

The Arctos air cooler’s portability and ease of movement from one room to another are additional noteworthy features. The air cooler is also quite portable; moving it to another area won’t seem like a laborious effort.

Most customers are drawn to the product’s appealing and distinctive design in addition to its small size, which is another impressive feature.

Arctos AC Reviews

Arctos Portable Air Cooler Unit Review

Alternative for Rapid Cooling

Conventional air conditioners cool down a room or hallway gradually, taking a long time. The Arctos air cooler does not operate that way, though. Instead, it seeks to concentrate on one location at a time, with the cooler providing the best cooling results in that area.

When you keep the air cooler near your bed and plug it in before going to sleep, it will cool the space around your bed so you won’t feel the heat.

Additionally, the cooler quickly and almost instantly provides cooling. It makes the air cooler better compared to other conditioners.

Reductions in Electricity Costs

Traditional air conditioners typically increase the electricity bill when they are being used. Arctos, on the other hand, reduces the cost of electricity in your house.

The cooler has an impressively high power efficiency and doesn’t significantly increase your typical electricity expenses.

The cooler was made by its manufacturers in a way that minimizes its power consumption. The more great variant does not sacrifice cooling effectiveness yet is a power-efficient device. Thus, the cooler provides exceptional cooling results without raising your electricity costs.

Custom-Tailored Cooling Features

The nice thing about this Arctos Personal Space cooler is that it has adjustable cooling characteristics because it is an advanced model. Users have the opportunity to modify the cooler’s cooling effects in accordance with their unique needs, thanks to its high, medium, and low cooling options.

It is quickly done as the cooler is near the user, causing fewer inconveniences.

Arctos Personal Spacer Cooler is simple to Use

Another benefit of the Arctos air cooler is that anyone can operate it with ease because of how simple the process is. The coolers’ controls are incredibly simple to memorize, and anyone with little technological know-how can operate one to cool the air around them.

It’s clear how simple it is to utilize the air cooler by taking a quick look at the control panel. Most importantly, using the device doesn’t require extensive technological understanding.

A Sudden Gust of Chilly Air

This perk of using the cooler may be the most intriguing. The cooler will start operating near immediately when you add water to the water tank and charge it, and you will feel a blast of chilly air immediately.

You will not have to wait long to experience the cooler’s cooling effects.

Powered by the included DC5V plug

No charging and no battery needed.

Takes up Less Room

Arctos Portable AC is small and light so that it can be carried around the house. Due to its small size, it takes less space in the house compared to traditional air conditioners.

Features of Arctos Portable AC in Review

Additional Cooling Feature

The Arctos air cooler’s three various fan speeds, each of which can be changed to suit the user’s needs, are its most attractive feature. Users can regulate the cooling levels with this feature by changing the fan speeds.

Depending on the situation, you can need outcomes from high cooling or low cooling. You can regulate the cooler’s cooling performance with its variable fan speeds.

The cooler has a water tank attached, and customers can keep ice cubes in the water tank to further improve cooling. You can get conventional cooling effects by adding water to the water tank, while more powerful cooling effects can be achieved by retaining ice cubes in the tank. Additionally, the air cooler is a superior choice due to the inclusion of turbo cooling technology.


Arctos is not rechargeable – it is not battery-operated.
Arctos is powered by the included DC5V plug – standard US outlet plug in.


Night Light

The cooler’s mesmerizing night light is its most appealing feature in terms of appearance. The air cooler appears stylish and alluring when you activate the night light mode before bed. Additionally, with this air cooler, you can sleep without a nightlight. The air cooler looks nicer overall and is a better option because it has a night light.

Usage of Arctos Portable

It is recommended to soak the water filter before use for the most effective cooling benefits. After soaking the water filter, freeze it for even more cooling.

Press the power button to turn the Arctos AC on after preparing the water filter and replacing it in the portable air cooler.

The unit will automatically enter the highest fan speed mode when turned on.

  • 3 fan speeds in 30 seconds
  • Breeze Mode
  • Cool Mode
  • Chill Mode

For optimum cooling and fan power, press the turbo button.

The cold wind can then be tailored to your preferences using the vents.

Arctos Portable AC

In what Situations is it Suitable for Use? (Arctos AC Consumer Reports)

YouSimply Want to get a Restful Night’s Sleep

A portable unit is a good choice in your bedroom if you are one of those hearty individuals who does not mind the heat throughout the day.

Utilizing it sparingly and in a small area will reduce expenditures while allowing you to stay cool when you need it most.

A Portion of your home needs spot cooling

Arctos Personal Space Cooler helps keep the hot spots comfortable if some of your rooms do not have good central air. It is a fantastic backup solution, particularly in small areas that you can partition off.

Your Homeowner’s Association has a lot of Limitations

Unattractive window units may be prohibited in some condo and apartment communities, which have incredibly tight rules concerning what you can do to the exterior of your home. This is frequently the case with older neighborhoods that want to maintain the area’s character.

If this applies to you, a Arctos portable air cooler may be used in such places.

Preffering Natural Light

A portable unit will not block your windows if you do not want to cover them up for the entire summer, whether it is because you occasionally want to allow some fresh air in or let in some sunlight

. This is especially crucial in single-occupancy quarters.

Technical Data Application

Power Source: standard US outlet plug in

Arctos is not rechargeable – it is not battery-operated.
Arctos is powered by the included DC5V plug – standard US outlet plug in.

Varying Fan Speeds

To get the most cooling and fan power, use the three differen modes.

The airflow direction can even be changed using the vents tab on the device’s front.

Slim Dimensions

One of the most important things to look for in an air cooler is its size. It would be nice to consider how much space it will occupy on your countertop and whether it will be portable and easy to store when not in use.

This item is the ideal example of this type. It will not take up much space because of its compact footprint, which measures 145 (L) x 165 (W) x 165 (H) mm

Additionally, it is incredibly light so you can carry it in your backpack without feeling burdened.

450 ml Water and Ice Cube Tank

Arctos Air Coolers use evaporative technology to cool your air. This innovation lowers humidity levels and expedites cooling by rapidly and uniformly dispersing cold air throughout the space using a water tank system.

Adding moisture also aids in keeping the air cooler’s temperature at a desirable level. It can increase cooling capacity and keep your cooler working well if it has a water tank. Additionally, if it is a hot day in the summer, put some ice cubes in the tank so you can feel the cold air.


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    “Beautiful summer days are hard to top, but sometimes the heat makes it impossible to sleep. No matter how hot it is outdoors, I’m always comfortable, thanks to Arctos AC.” Emma R. – Chicago, Illinois
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    “Great little humidifier and chiller combination! Ideal for congested sinuses and dry air. The finest for practicing yoga or simply relaxing during the scorching summer.” Heather R. – Salt lake City, Utah
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    “The ideal portable air cooler. I use it at work, but it is great when working on my car in my garage. Additionally, my wife practices yoga there. The real stuff is Arctos AC.” Jacob M. – New Orleans
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    “I gifted this AC to my dad, who uses a little workspace for his model-making endeavors. He adores it. Because he is more comfortable, he can now do what he loves for longer.” Ava S. – Portland
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    “No matter where I am, it keeps me calm. Anywhere—the garage, a bedroom, a living room, an office. It works quickly and does not set me back a fortune to run. What else could you possibly require from an air cooler? Arctos AC is excellent.” Nate J. – Reno, Nevada
Steve Smith

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