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Obesity and dieting are a big topic of our time. Millions of people try to lose weight and resort to various aids. K2 drops are one such aid. They are supposed to stimulate the metabolism and boost fat burning through a selected combination of active ingredients.

We take a closer look at the manufacturer’s concept, the effectiveness and the experiences of customers with the K2 “weightloss miracle”.

K2 Drops review

K2 Drops
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    • Accelerates fat metabolism
    • Triggers feeling of satiety
    • Helps to lose weight
  • The effect of the ingredients has been proven in studies (no fake ingredients)
  • Surprisingly positive reports in the forum and in blogs of influencers
  • For women and men
  • No side effects known
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K2 Diet Oil drops for weightloss UK – Review and Report

K2 Drops UK is a combination of natural ingredients designed to help you lose excess weight quickly and easily.

The concept of the product provides for these effects:

  • Reducing the amount of carbohydrates consumed.
  • Enabling a feeling of satiety:
  • Improving metabolic activity.
  • Regulation of fat metabolism.

Via gentle interventions in the metabolism, all these effects are supposed to be noticeable after just a few days of taking them, according to the manufacturer’s advertising.

This makes K2 diet plan for weight loss drops a product that is clearly aimed at all people who

  • suffer from a few too many pounds on their hips
  • are clearly overweight
  • are obese (adiposity)
  • want to maintain their weight once it has been reached.


K2 drops for weightloss in review

Sometimes it sounds too good to be true: Just swallow a few drops and your metabolism reacts differently and reduces excess kilos as if by magic.

k2 weight loss drops uk

But if we take a look at the human organism, this is not at all improbable. Complex systems run inside us, some of which react very sensitively to certain substances.

In these systems, tiny amounts of enzymes, hormones, amino acids and other messenger substances decide on a multitude of processes. Messenger substances regulate organic functions, blood flow, metabolism, digestion and much more.

All in all, the organism is a finely tuned biochemical system in which additions of the smallest amounts of helpful substances can trigger wonderful chains of reactions.

The K2 “miracle drops” are specially designed so that the ingredients boost natural systems and do not interfere with the organism in a harsh or irritating way.

Ingredients: What is inside K2 carbohydrate blocker drops?

The manufacturer relies on a modern mixture of natural additives for its weight loss preparation.

The main components are extracts and active ingredients from the hemp plant.

The exact ingredients of K2 drops:

  • Hemp extracts
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Olive oil essences
  • Amino acids.

How can hemp help with weight loss?

Hemp is a plant that had long disappeared from people’s diet. The reason for this was the prohibition of hemp varieties containing smoke. Since these varieties are visually indistinguishable from the practically narcotic-free commercial hemp, they too were banned almost worldwide in the 1970s.

Before that, commercial hemp was a valuable crop plant for centuries. For almost 30 years, commercial hemp varieties have been allowed to be cultivated and marketed again. The reasons for this include the high nutritional value of the plant and the substances it contains, which have currently become interesting for pharmacology.

While pharmaceutical research is still in the process of examining hemp more closely, food supplements with hemp substances have already made a name for themselves. CBD products in particular are currently on the rise.

Commercial hemp contains around 100 substances (including CBD) known as cannabinoids. These active substances also occur naturally in the human body and have to do with these processes, among others:

  • Satisfaction
  • Sense of satiety
  • Digestion
  • Nerve function
  • Brain function.

Hemp oil also contains an amino acid profile that is optimal for humans. This has a harmonising effect on the metabolism and hormone balance.

A high proportion of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids (including omega-3) optimally compensate for nutrient deficiencies.

Contained bitter substances and terpenes can:

  • regulate blood sugar
  • favourably influence fat absorption
  • support the liver.

How can olive oil help with weight loss?

In addition to high-quality fatty acids, natural olive oil also provides aromas and bitter substances that have a positive effect on the metabolism.

Scientists found out that the essences from olive oil are able to give the body a pleasant feeling of satiety and can curb ravenous appetite.

This is probably due to the bitter substances and plant essences contained in olive oil, which help the liver to produce ketone bodies that are essential for fat loss.

How can amino acids help with weight loss?

Amino acids such as L-carnitine and L-arginine perform important transport and building functions in the body.

  • L-carnitine is indispensable if the body is to take stored fats back into the energy cycle.
  • L-arginine is needed to build up cells and tissue fibres, which is why dietary supplements with L-arginine are particularly useful for performance training.
  • L-arginine are particularly popular with competitive athletes.

Normally, the body produces these substances itself. In the case of a metabolism that has become unbalanced due to long-term malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies, the amount of naturally produced amino acids may not be sufficient to bring the body back into balance and thus to the ideal weight.

Effect – How do K2 Keto Fat Burner drops work exactly?

By taking the drops, a chain reaction takes place in the body.

The substances contained in K2 Keto drops are able to signal to the liver that it has all the substances essential for metabolism at its disposal. In this way, the liver finds its way out of the stress metabolism and reduces the secretion of excessive insulin. This lowers blood sugar and curbs cravings.

At the same time, the organism gets a feeling that everything is fine. Stress, the desire for sweets and the constant feeling of not being full and satisfied disappear.

This slows down the intake of new calories from carbohydrates and sugar.

In the next step, the metabolism normalises from an exceptional state to a normal state. The body then realises again that there are actually enough reserves (in the form of fat deposits) and begins to recognise and use them as a source of strength.

The fat metabolism resumes its full work, but at the same time the carbohydrate and protein metabolism remain intact.

Taken over several days and weeks, a metabolism that is out of kilter should return to normal function.

This means that carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fruits and vegetables are recognised as equally valuable food sources.

Hunger and cravings turn into appetite and the desire to eat something healthy and wholesome.

Sweets, pasta, cakes or soft drinks lose their importance and that quite incidentally and without much effort or hunger struggle.

Intake and dosage: How are K2 drops for weight loss used?

This product is a liquid, oily substance that is applied drop by drop. K2 slimming drops are supplied in a pipette bottle.

Users take 10 drops twice a day by dripping them under the tongue and directly onto the oral mucosa.

In this area, the absorption of the substances is said to be very fast and first impulses reach the liver immediately after contact of the liquid with the oral mucosa.

Hemp essences are somewhat bitter. Nevertheless, in order to achieve full effectiveness, the product must be swallowed after an exposure time of 30 seconds. In the stomach and intestines, another valuable absorption of substances takes place.

As a rule, even people who usually dislike bitter things soon get used to the taste. The body recognises the beneficial substances and then usually accepts the bitter taste.

Of course, the mouth can be rinsed with a little still water after ingestion.

It is recommended to take it before the two meals with the highest number of calories.

According to the manufacturer, K2 fat burner drops already show clear effects after the first two to three applications. Some customers feel the cravings suddenly disappear the first time they use them.

The product promises full effectiveness and the greatest weight loss after a period of use of six to eight weeks.

The initial situation and the speed of the metabolism are decisive for the time period.

K2 diet drops can be used until the desired weight is reached.

Once the goal has been reached, reduced use of K2 drops can be helpful in maintaining the dream weight in the long term.

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K2 Diet Plan for Weight Loss – Side effects?

All substances contained in K2 diet plan for weight loss are of purely natural origin and are generally very easy to digest.

Neither the hemp essences, nor olive oil or amino acids interact with medicines.

Hemp may cause some dry mouth at first due to the concentration of terpenes and bitter substances.

Although the drops are purely natural and very easy to digest, the manufacturer points out that they are not suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Women should not diet during this time, should not want to change their weight and should wait until after the baby is weaned before losing weight.

Do K2 drops really work completely without dieting?

The manufacturer assures the full effectiveness of the drops even without following a specific diet.

On the contrary, new findings in diet research have even come to the conclusion that diets (especially radical starvation diets or extreme changes in the food consumed) do more harm than good to the metabolism.

K2 Diet Oil drops want to change things in a gentle way.

If you want to improve the effects, you can avoid some sugar and carbohydrates and slightly increase the amount of fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) in your diet. However, it should be avoided that the body suffers from hunger or feels hungry.

Buy K2 drops at the pharmacy?

Unfortunately, you cannot buy K2 drops at regular pharmacies. Amazon does not have the K2 Original Drops in its range either. The only source of supply is the official website of the manufacturer.


K2 Drops are not available for purchase at Boots.

K2 drops UK

K2 Drops UK Review

The K2 drops are sometimes associated with an appearance on a TV show Whether this episode really ever existed can no longer be determined with certainty, because the corresponding video cannot be found on the platforms Youtube and Vimeo.

The K2 Keto weight loss drops passed our fake check in any case (see above), even if the appearance on did not take place.

K2 drops testimonials and reports from customers

In customer reviews, K2 drops score good to very good. They get an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars.
The testimonials from customers show that the drops really do have an effect after just a few uses. Encouraged by this, most are happy to persevere.

On average, customers bought two to three bottles of K2 Fat Burner drops until they reached their desired weight.

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