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One could say that testosterone is the hormonal “fuel” of the man. However, this does not at all mean that a man has no shares of female hormones. It just means that men are predominantly testosterone-driven, while in women it is the hormones oestrogen and progestin that dominate. But women also have certain proportions of the male hormone testosterone in their organism.

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The amount of gender-specific hormones is one of the factors that determines which sexual characteristics dominate. If someone suffers a deficiency of the gender-defining hormone due to age or for other reasons, this does not remain without consequences. If the usual amount of testosterone in the blood drops, this becomes noticeable through a series of rather unspecific symptoms. A latent testosterone deficiency can be assumed in men as early as their mid-thirties. At this age, the organism is biologically mature. The ageing process begins at the cellular level.

Nowadays, however, latent testosterone deficiency often occurs earlier. The reasons for this are still unclear. It is probably our modern lifestyle that is partly responsible. But other factors can also promote a latent – i.e. non-threatening – testosterone deficiency. Since those affected can remedy this deficiency in a natural way by taking C+ testosterone capsules, everything will soon be back to normal. The fact is: it is not necessary to administer testosterone to men affected by testosterone deficiency.

It is enough to get the organism to produce more testosterone again through a clever combination of ingredients. This is precisely the concept behind C+ Testosterone Capsules.

C+ Testosterone Capsules Review & Evaluation UK

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C+ Tablets Test & Reviews

Everyone should know that hormones not only define sex-specific signals, but are also involved in countless processes in the organism. So if hormone levels drop somewhat, this affects numerous levels and processes in the organism. Testosterone levels can decrease with age. This is a completely normal process. Nowadays, it often starts earlier than expected – but on the other hand, we are also getting much older today than in the past. Our lifestyle is more intensive, our diet is unhealthier – and the daily stress load does not remain without consequences.

Stress and obesity, alcohol and nicotine consumption or strong stress of a mental or physical nature make themselves felt through hormonal fluctuations. When a latent testosterone deficiency occurs in men, it is often not immediately recognisable. The symptoms remain unspecific. However, they accumulate and are initially blamed on exhaustion, overwork and office stress.

But the following warning signs could indicate a latent testosterone deficiency:

  • persistent feelings of exhaustion
  • Lack of drive, listlessness
  • constant tiredness and increasing lack of concentration
  • Muscle growth and strength seem to decrease
  • Weight gain – especially around the belly
  • Libido is no longer at its best
  • the aggression threshold seems to have changed
  • Intensive sporting training does not lead to more muscle mass.
  • you sleep much less well than usual
  • and mild to moderate depression is noticeable.

C+ Male Performance Caps Review

C+ Male Performance Caps Review and Uses

By the way, it is not factually correct that only older men are affected by a latent testosterone deficiency. Young men are also familiar with such problems. It is not at all unusual for twenty-year-old men or fifteen-year-old girls to be affected by hormone deficiencies. Many people are not even aware of how important the presence of a certain amount of hormones is in the human organism. The control of hormonal processes must not be disturbed by anything so that everything runs smoothly. Especially on the hormonal level, latent deficiencies can lead to dramatic consequences over time. Therefore, it is essential to counteract already recognised deficiency symptoms in time.

In principle, testosterone defines the man much more than the woman. This is due to the amount of testosterone that plays an essential role in the organism of both men and women. In any case, it is important that there is always a balanced relationship between the types of hormones present in the organism. If there is a hormonal imbalance, women grow a lady’s beard. Men suddenly grow breasts. They get softer facial features, whereas women get more angular ones. This can be observed very well in overweight men or in female competitive athletes who take male hormones for the purpose of stronger muscle growth.

Hormone metabolism is as complex as it is individual. Therefore, hormonal imbalances have different effects. Depending on the cause and duration of a latent testosterone deficiency, the first symptoms appear within a few weeks or only after several months. For some people, it takes years before they notice a change in themselves. It depends, among other things, on one’s general lifestyle and the health value of one’s diet how one feels about it. In any case, the symptoms are so weakly developed and so unspecific that you hardly ever go to the doctor about them.

If they do, they blame their condition on overwork, stress, family problems or stress-related lack of sleep. Without further indications, the general practitioner will then not come to the conclusion that there is a testosterone deficiency. A clue that leads to the correct diagnosis is usually a disturbed libido. A lack of muscle growth despite intensive training sessions and a lack of desire for intimacy are usually alarm signs for men. Now hormonal fluctuations are a completely normal process. But if the condition manifests itself and has become permanent, you should do something about it.

With C Plus Testosterone Capsules UK everything gets back on track. However, since it is a dietary supplement, success does not come overnight. The organism must first be encouraged to rebalance its hormones. This happens naturally with C+ Testosterone Capsules. The organism is gently stimulated to improve the body’s own hormone production. If you were to simply inject the missing amount of testosterone, everything would go haywire on the hormonal level. You have to be very careful when administering hormones.

This is exactly why the C+ Testosterone Capsules do not contain high doses of hormones, but natural ingredients. These gradually improve the body’s own hormone production. This is gentler, ultimately healthier and above all much more sustainable.

C+ capsules Pills Review – Effect and Uses

As just mentioned, the concept of the C+ Testosterone Capsules is based on the gentle but lasting stimulation of the hormone metabolism. The organism is to be animated by three main active ingredients to remedy the testosterone deficiency under its own power. A gentle intervention in the hormone metabolism can be achieved through sensibly composed food supplements.

C+ male enlargement

This requires precise knowledge of the organism’s modes of action, its processes and the necessary substances that can influence such processes. In short: the desired effects should occur. However, undesirable side effects and interactions should be excluded. C Plus Testosterone Capsules, with their triple formula, restore the unbalanced balance between the luteinising hormone, the sex hormone-binding globulin, the female oestrogen and the prolactin. This can then also bring testosterone production back into balance.

C+ tablet erectile dysfunction (ED)

Sooner or later, every man feels the effect of the C+ Triple Performance capsules on his libido. Many men therefore take C+ Testosterone Capsules as a libido booster. However, dietary supplements cannot compensate for an unhealthy party lifestyle. You have to live a little more health-consciously for the C+ Triple Performance UK tablets to work as desired. Everything in the body is connected to everything else. If you take this to heart, you will soon feel like a whole man again. All the above-mentioned complaints will vanish into thin air. The training sessions will ensure proper muscle growth again. In bed, thanks to the capsules, things will work as usual again.


C+ Testosterone Capsules are composed of the active ingredients L-carnitine, L-arginine and Garcinia Cambogia extract.

Magnesium stearate and talcum powder are also added as carriers and fillers, as well as a capsule shell made of gelatine. So why does hormonal stimulation work with ingredients like these? Each individual ingredient makes a well-researched contribution to the whole. This contribution sounds insignificant at first. But when they work together, the three main active ingredients do exactly what they were chosen to do.


Active ingredient number one is the vitamin-like amino acid L-carnitine.


L-carnitine is present in the human metabolism anyway. Many people already know this substance from the gym. It is easier to lose weight with L-carnitine. The metabolism is boosted and training performance improves. This amino acid could be casually described as an amino transporter. With the help of three different enzymes, L-carnitine transports long-chain fatty acids from the blood to the cell’s internal mitochondria. This is the name given to the cell’s own “blast furnaces” that can convert long-chain fatty acids into energy. An Italian study in 2004 provided evidence that this ultimately also raises testosterone levels. This is why L-carnitine is an important ingredient in C+ Testosterone Capsules as a hormone regulator.


Active ingredient number two is L-arginine, a semi-essential amino acid.


This amino acid also naturally participates in vital processes in the human metabolism. Among other benefits, L-arginine is a nitrogen supplier. Without nitrogen, a man’s erectile capacity weakens. Muscle building also doesn’t really want to work without this ingredient. L-arginine is also included in the C+ capsules as a performance-enhancing ingredient. This ensures more effective training effects and more muscle growth. As mentioned, both are also weaker due to latent testosterone deficiency.

Garcinia Cambogia extract – hydroxycitric acid

The third in the group is the active ingredient extract of Garcinia Cambogia.


The Garcinia Cambogia extract comes from one of a total of 450 plants of the same genus. This tamarind extract has long played an important role in Ayurvedic medicine. In Indonesia, garcinia is often used as a fish seasoning. We know the extract as an aid to weight loss. The highly effective ingredient of this extract is called hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which has been used as an appetite suppressant in India for several centuries. The fruit rind contains the most HCA. Besides obesity, it can also be used to eliminate latent hormonal imbalances. In addition, muscle building works better again.

In C+ Triple Performance capsules, the garcinia extracts do important work to combat lack of strength, lack of drive and hormone-related weakness. Together, these components make up the “Triple Performance Blend”. This means that the complaints of a latent testosterone deficiency will soon be a thing of the past. It should be noted that the capsule shell is made of gelatine. The C+ Testosterone capsules are therefore neither vegetarian nor vegan. This information is required nowadays.

Use, intake and dosage

Many health-conscious men appreciate natural support for the organism when it is weakening due to hormones. Among bodybuilders and active athletes, dietary supplements have been as popular as they are effective for years.

The correct application of the C+ testosterone tablets is very simple: one capsule a day is enough. Ideally, those concerned should take the product half an hour before their midday meal. It is important that the capsule is washed down with two large glasses of water so that the active ingredients are fed into the bloodstream as quickly as possible. If necessary, the capsule contents can also be stirred into water. However, this does not change the recommended amount of liquid. There are no side effects worth mentioning with the C+ testosterone capsules.

Scam or reputable?

  • Prima capsules are reputable, the product is shipped immediately after the order is placed (not a fake shop).
  • Scientifically tested active ingredients.


C+ capsules are not available in pharmacies and do not require a prescription. They are available without a prescription and only in the official online shop.

C+ testimonials and reviews from customers

  • Kay Schmidt described the C+ testosterone capsules in the forum as a “miracle pill”. For him, the C+ Testosterone capsules apparently worked very quickly. That can certainly happen, but it is not the rule. Mr Schmidt reported to the manufacturer that his erectile dysfunction had disappeared after only a few doses. It can be assumed that his erection problems were caused by too little nitric oxide. Many men therefore use C+ testosterone capsules as a natural potency booster.
  • Niko W. was apparently turned on to taking C+ Testosterone capsules by his wife. She seemed to have disagreed with his sexual performance. Ramona W. apparently felt the same way. The effect of the C+ testosterone capsules only occurs after a longer period of taking them – but emotionally everything changes for the better very quickly because you do something. Some men feel the first effects of the C+ Testosterone Capsules during weight training. Soon all other signs of male weakness are history.
  • Andreas B. says he has already tried numerous “remedies” without any significant success. But now he reports that C+ has made the biggest difference for him. Everything now runs smoothly during intercourse, he reports to the manufacturer. The performance of other men has also improved significantly since taking the C+ testosterone capsules. The level of physical activity has risen, the performance in bed has developed to satisfaction.
  • Fridolin S. reports in the forum that taking the C+ testosterone enhancer has made a “big difference in terms of feeling”. Strangely enough, the medical examination results did not reflect the reported result. Now, one could conclude that this is a pure placebo effect. In fact, however, the substances taken are not foreign substances, but in two cases endogenous substances. The Garcinia Cambogia extract is a fruit extract that is foreign to the body, but its presence in the body remains inconspicuous. It does not stand out in blood tests because such blood contents are not recorded at all.


Conclusion and evaluation

It is a fact that food supplements always need a certain lead time before the promised effects occur. This is normal. The advantage is that C+ capsules do not contain any harmful substances. You can take them with a clear conscience without experiencing any undesirable effects.

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