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Derila is a pillow that perfectly adapts to the contours of the body thanks to memory foam and thus creates a pleasant sleeping experience. A person spends a large part of their life in bed. This time should therefore also be used for sufficient rest. A good night’s sleep serves the body to regenerate and the brain to process the information taken in every day.

Derila Pillow UK review & rating

  • The sleeping height is ideal to keep the neck in a natural sleeping position at night.
  • Made of high quality memory foam that conforms perfectly to the human body
  • Cooling pillowcase to regulate the body temperature.
  • Butterfly wings on the outer sides of the pillow for all sleeping positions.
  • The novel neck fold gently beds the head for an especially peaceful sleep.
  • With money-back guarantee from the manufacturer
  • Now available at 70% off.

Rating: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (9.8 out of 10 points).

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derila pillow test

Derila pillow review UK and customer experiences

Disturbed sleep, however, is not only the cause of painful tension in the neck and back area, but also of an unrecovered psyche. Derila pillows offer the advantage that the pillows always return to their original position due to their restoring foam. Thus, Derila stands for an extremely high longevity in contrast to conventional pillows, which permanently deform after a short time and thus cause unfavourable body postures.

Derila reputable or fake / scam?

The Derila cushion has passed our fake check.

It is not a fake product or scam, the Derila is reputable and will also be shipped to the customer after the order is placed.


Derila Pillow review

The Derila Pillow is mainly for people who want to improve and promote their sleep. A good quality of sleep as well as a good sleeping position is the cause of how restful a night will be. If you get up in the morning and have not had a good night’s sleep, you will suffer from concentration problems and fatigue during the day. Incorrect postures during sleep can also lead to painful tension in the muscles of the neck, back and head. Permanently bad postures during sleep can thus promote the development of permanent bad postures. Chronic bad posture can become a very painful burden in everyday life. Affected people report a greatly reduced quality of life, as every movement is associated with pain. The Derila Pillow relieves the musculature. As a result, a nocturnal regeneration of the musculature is induced, which is indispensable for relaxed muscles.

The ergonomic fit of the pillow significantly improves the quality of sleep and is therefore suitable for everyone, so that in the long term no impairments occur due to an incorrect pillow.
However, the Derila pillow is mainly suitable for people who already suffer from aching muscles. The pain and tension can improve after just a few nights.

Due to the healthy head posture promoted by the Derila neck pillow, it is also suitable for people who suffer from snoring at night. Due to the
perfectly adjusted height for the head, breathing is positively influenced. This can reduce snoring, which leads to a greatly improved sleep duration and quality.

Since the pillow can adapt very well to different sleeping positions, it is suitable for stomach, side and back sleepers.

Derila neck pillow experiences


What are the advantages of the Derila neck pillow in the test?

The Derila sleeping pillow UK offers a number of great advantages over conventional pillows for sleeping. Above all, the ergonomic design of the pillow leads to a restful sleep, as there is even support of the neck muscles as well as the head, back and shoulders. As a result, no painful tensions form due to different postures during sleep, but getting up becomes a pleasant experience.

Derila pillow cover

Another great advantage of Derila pillows is that they are easy to clean. Pillows should be washed regularly, as many old flakes of skin or even fats from the scalp accumulate on them.
Derila neck pillows are equipped with a washable cover, which has the advantage that the cover can be easily removed for cleaning. The cover is suitable for the washing machine so that it can be easily and completely cleaned.

Memory Foam

Another big plus of the pillows is the so-called memory foam. This is a restoring foam that adapts to the contours of the body, thus supporting a comfortable sleeping posture. The memory foam prevents tension caused by hard pillows. It also provides comfortable cushioning for the joints and spine, helping to prevent neck pain after getting up.


Due to the lightness of the pillow, it becomes a perfect companion when travelling. The pillow is portable and can therefore be taken along on the road. Both on the plane as hand luggage, as well as for long journeys in the car, the pillow is the optimal companion.

Measures and size

Derila pillow dimensions and size: 50x30x10 cm.

How is it constructed?

Derila pillows are completely filled with memory foam so that the pillow falls back into its original shape after sleeping. However, the memory foam does not only have a high restoring force, but at the same time a good supporting capacity that adapts to one’s own body contours at all times.

At the sides, the pillow is completed by so-called butterfly wings. Therefore, the pillow is suitable for different sleeping postures and can support them optimally. The memory foam of the pillow is supported by a gel layer. This ensures temperature equalisation so that the pillow maintains a pleasant temperature and does not overheat. The last layer of the pillow consists of a hygiene cover. This is removable and can be cleaned in the washing machine.

The pillow has compact dimensions so that it is easy to take with you when travelling.


Derila pillow weight: 660 grams.

Special features

  • The Derila pillow by Dr Shiva ensures that there is sinking of the body only where it is desired by the body. This avoids unwanted postures, so that only one’s own desired sleeping posture is supported.
  • The head is maintained at a healthy height by the memory foam. The spine is relieved by a balanced height, so that no complaints of the head and neck muscles are promoted by incorrect postures during sleep.
  • Thanks to the recesses in the shoulder area, the pillow is also much more cuddly than conventional pillows and can adapt better to the contours of the body.
  • Another special feature of the pillow is the support for people who suffer from frequent snoring. The balanced position of the head can prevent problems with snoring, as the Derila pillow serves to enable a positive posture of the airways. Snoring can thus be positively influenced so that sleep can become more restful again.
  • Due to the high resilience of the memory foam, the pillow is very durable, as the foam inside the pillow always returns to its original position. The depth of sleep and the quality of sleep are improved by the Derila pillow.

Derila customer reviews UK, ratings and testimonials from the forum

  • The positive experiences of users are very wide-ranging. Above all, the pleasant head position, which ensures a more relaxed fall asleep, is rated as positive. Since the memory foam easily moulds to the body, users rate falling asleep as very pleasant and calming. Furthermore, it is considered positive that the pillow is also optimally suitable for side sleepers.
  • The users also find the high resilience of the pillow to be very good. After getting up, the pillow is already in its original position, so that the manufacturer’s promised longevity is fulfilled. Many users report on the particularly high quality and workmanship of the pillow, which clearly stands out from conventional pillows.
  • People who suffer from chronic neck pain were able to perceive significant improvements in their pain through the use of the pillow. In addition, users report that nocturnal snoring has been significantly reduced, so that the quality of sleep has been sustainably increased.
  • The users also agree that the washable cover makes cleaning not only easy, but also very hygienic. The quick drying of the cover was also rated as very positive.
  • Furthermore, the customer service of the manufacturer was rated as good. The cushion was shipped quickly and the customer service is also competent in case of queries.


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