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The Heater Pro X is a mobile heater that can heat a living space comfortably in a very short time. Especially in times of continuously rising electricity prices, the investment is well worth it, especially since the small device can be easily taken along and used at another location. The advantages of the Heater Pro X and what makes it stand out are presented in more detail below.

Heater Pro X review and technical data

The most important facts:

  • Instaheat technology: Very fast heating up
  • Compact dimensions: Can be taken everywhere
  • Energy efficient: Low power consumption
  • Timer and thermostat with display for easy operation
  • Very quiet operation
  • Positive reviews and ratings from users
  • Available for a short time with a high discount


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Heater Pro X prices:

  • 1 unit costs 59,95 €
  • 2 units cost 99,95 € (49,98 € each)
  • 3 units cost 139,95 € (46,65 € per unit)
  • 5 units cost 199,95 € (39,99 € per unit)



Heater Pro X Reviews & Consumer Reports Ireland

The Heater Pro X is a compact, mobile heater that has both an integrated thermostat and a timer. It can be conveniently controlled via a clear LED display and heats living spaces up to an area of 10m2 reliably in a short time thanks to a power of 350 watts. The Heater Pro X is a flexible helper that can be used in a wide variety of locations – whether at home, in the office or anywhere else. It only needs to be plugged into the socket and immediately generates a warm air flow.

The special thing about it is that the Heater Pro X does not need a cable at all – this alone clearly sets it apart from other mobile heaters. It does not take up any floor space because it is directly connected to the socket, has compact dimensions and does not interfere. It works completely quietly and can therefore also be used in the library or office without any problems. Because the small heater is portable, there is no need for a permanent installation. The Heater Pro X can be taken along at any time and used elsewhere, for example in a holiday home without heating or even in hotel rooms with a fixed room temperature.

Scam or real?

The Heater Pro X passed our scam-check. The mini-heater is sent to the customer by express shipping after the order is placed, it is not a fake shop. The Heater Pro X is a real product.

How many watts?

The Heater Pro X works with 350 watts and 220 volts.

heater pro x review ireland

What can the mobile heater do? The most important technical data in detail

Mobile heaters can be very different from other heaters, not only in terms of their design, but especially in their functions. They are much more compact than radiators or fan heaters, which have to be placed in the middle of the room and whose long cable is a typical tripping hazard. Basically, it is important to always choose such a device according to your own needs – the design should not be the top priority.

Rapid heaters such as the Pro Heater X Ireland are characterised above all by the fact that they can heat up small rooms in a few minutes. They are suitable for both stationary and mobile use and can be used in all types of rooms – the only requirement is an available power socket. Often, these devices are even suitable for use as frost monitors, provided that they are equipped with a thermostat, as is the case with the Heater Pro X. They are safe and easy to use, can be conveniently operated via their display and are even often equipped with a remote control. This makes heaters like the Heater Pro X practical everyday helpers that quickly provide pleasant warmth in the room – and much faster than a normal heater can.

Heater Pro X Reviews for Ireland- What are the advantages?

Probably the biggest advantage of the Heater Pro X is its compact design: It is not necessary to install it permanently and it does not take up much storage space when it is not in use. After use, you simply disconnect it from the socket and put it in a chest of drawers or in the storage room. In comparison, radiators and fan heaters take up much more floor space and can be very bulky devices that you have to fetch from the basement again and again. The Heater Pro X has a clear advantage here, as it is also perfectly suited for small flats and never gets in the way – as it is simply set up directly at the socket and works wirelessly.

Compared to electric fans and similar devices, mobile heaters like the Heater Pro X are characterised in particular by a significantly faster heating of the room air. They are also very uncomplicated to operate – comprehensive instruction is not necessary as the devices are almost self-explanatory: Thanks to the clear LED display, the most important settings can be made directly on the unit. The manufacturer also provides a remote control so that the Heater Pro X Amazon can also be controlled comfortably from the sofa.

In addition, the Heater Pro X is immediately ready for use: You plug it into the socket, switch it on and it starts immediately. After a few minutes, you can already notice how the room is pleasantly heated. The unit’s performance is most effective for a room area of 10 m2. Larger rooms can also be warmed up to a certain degree, but the output naturally decreases as the area increases. Mobile heaters such as the Heater Pro X are ready for use in seconds and can be easily operated even by non-professionals.

Power consumption

Heater Pro X – Low power consumption

Another aspect that should not be forgotten is the possibility of saving electricity. Especially in times when the prices for conventional heating energy are rising higher and higher, more and more people are opting for alternatives. Mobile heaters don’t have to be in use all day, but can often be controlled via app while on the move – for example, you can heat the room just before returning home. This saves a lot of energy and very quickly shows up in a significant cost saving on the next electricity bill.

The Heater Pro X is also ahead in terms of safety: the unit is switched off with an integrated overheating protection. If it reaches a certain room temperature during operation, it switches off automatically. This not only saves electricity, but also guarantees that overheating or even a short circuit cannot occur.


The Original Heater Pro X cannot be bought on Amazon.

For whom is the use of the Heater Pro X worthwhile?

The use of the Heater Pro X can be worthwhile for many areas of application. Anyone who wants to save on heating costs and become somewhat independent of the prices of expensive electricity providers is certainly making a good decision. With a mobile heater, it is no longer necessary to heat the entire flat or even the entire house – but only the room in which heat is needed. The Heater Pro X Ireland can also be a good help if you get cold quickly but don’t want to turn up the heating all the time.

Of course, the device is practical for mobile use thanks to its compact design: where there is no heating, it provides warm temperatures within a short time. This could be a holiday hut in the forest or an unheated cellar. All that is needed for operation is a power connection in the form of a normal socket.

Conclusion and evaluation – Is it any good?

The Heater Pro X is an innovative product with low power consumption that has not yet been available on the market in this form. Certainly, the selection of fan heaters is already very large, but so far there are hardly any mobile heaters that you only have to plug into the socket – and that generate heat immediately. Just like high-quality fan heaters, the Heater Pro X is equipped with a powerful ceramic heating element. The power of 350 watts ensures that rooms with an area of up to 10 m2 are quickly and reliably heated.

The configuration of the device can be done very comfortably during operation via an LED display – so you can set the timer between one and twelve hours and also switch on the integrated thermostat if desired.
With a volume of only about 44 decibels, it is particularly quiet compared to many other appliances on the market and thus hardly noticeable. This makes it easy to use in the office, bedroom or even in public areas.

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