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FitSmart capsules are a dietary supplement that is used as part of a calorie-reduced diet to support body weight management. They contain various ingredients that aim to support the metabolism and promote a feeling of satiety. The capsules should be taken daily, ideally 15 to 30 minutes before breakfast, to achieve the best effect.

The use of FitSmart is simple and straightforward. Consumers should take one capsule a day unchewed with plenty of water to ensure optimum absorption of the active ingredients. The recommended dosage should not be exceeded.

It is emphasised that a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are important. FitSmart can play a role as part of this lifestyle, but should not be seen as the sole solution for weight loss. Users should always be aware that individual results may vary.

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fitsmart fat burner capsules

Fitsmart capsules experience and test report

Fitsmart capsules are a dietary supplement designed to support weight management. They aim to stimulate the metabolism and can be taken as part of a calorie-reduced diet.

Product description

Fitsmart capsules are presented as an aid for people who want to improve their body management. The recommended dosage according to the manufacturer is to take one capsule daily, preferably 15 to 30 minutes before breakfast or during the day. It is emphasised that the capsules are made from natural ingredients and are not medicines that diagnose, treat or cure diseases.

Main ingredients

The composition of Fitsmart capsules contains a combination of various natural substances:

  • N-acetyl-L-carnitine: It is known for its role in fat metabolism
  • Guarana: Contains caffeine, which can have a stimulating effect and therefore boosts the metabolism
  • L-carnitine: Another amino acid that contributes to the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria, the “energy powerhouses” of the cells.
  • Raspberry fruit extract: For example, raspberry extract contains natural substances such as raspberry ketones, which are used in the manufacture of Fitsmart capsules and are intended to support fat burning.
  • Antioxidants: These help to combat oxidative stress in the body, which can occur when losing weight.</li

The capsules therefore utilise a synergy of metabolism-stimulating and weight management-promoting ingredients.

Benefits and mode of action

FitSmart capsules offer a holistic approach aimed at supporting weight management, improving metabolism and increasing energy and well-being.

Weight management

FitSmart capsules contain natural ingredients such as L-carnitine, which can contribute to weight loss as part of a low-calorie diet and regular exercise. L-carnitine plays a role in the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria, where they are burnt to produce energy.

Metabolic support

The capsules are designed to stimulate the metabolism. Raspberry ketone, a main component in Fitsmart Fat Burner, is designed to stimulate the production of adiponectin. This hormone plays an important role in fat loss and can therefore have a positive effect on metabolic activity.

Energy and well-being

Taking Fitsmart capsules can lead to an increased feeling of energy. In addition, the natural ingredients aim to improve general well-being by exerting a positive influence on the body’s energy balance.

Intake and dosage

When using FitSmart capsules, it is important to follow the dosage recommendations to ensure optimal effect and tolerability.

Daily dosage:

  • Quantity: 1 capsule per day
  • Water: At least two large glasses of water

Time of intake:

  • Option 1: 15 to 30 minutes before breakfast
  • Option 2: During breakfast

It is advisable to take the capsules unchewed to ensure correct release of the active ingredients in the body. The capsule should be swallowed with sufficient water to facilitate absorption.

Recommended intake Description
Number of capsules 1 capsule daily
Time Before/with breakfast
Additional information Take whole with water

This dosage is based on the assumption that the ingredients of the capsules are best absorbed by the body at this time. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions or those of a doctor, especially when it comes to individual health conditions or taking in combination with other medications.

If undesirable side effects occur after taking the product, it is important to consult a doctor and discuss the next steps.

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Vegan nutritional supplements

Vegan food supplements are becoming increasingly popular as they can supplement a diet without animal products. FitSmart products are well positioned in this area as they are 100% free from genetically modified organisms (GMO) and have a composition of natural ingredients.

In the production of FitSmart capsules, care is taken to ensure that no animal ingredients are used. This is particularly important for vegans, as conventional dietary supplements can often contain ingredients such as gelatine, lactose or fish oil.

The FitSmart product range includes capsules specifically designed for people who want to supplement their diet with high quality, plant-based nutrients. It is recommended to take one capsule daily as part of a calorie-reduced diet to support the body.

Ingredients of FitSmart capsules:

  • Natural ingredients: A selection of plant-based components.</li
  • Free from allergens: Suitable for people with certain food sensitivities.</li
  • Vegan certified: Ensures that no animal products are used.</li

Vegan supplements, such as those from FitSmart, offer an effective way to enrich the daily diet without compromising on ethical principles. They are a practical solution for vegans who want to ensure a comprehensive nutrient supply.

Scientific studies

As part of the assessment of Fitsmart capsules, the analysis is based on existing scientific studies that deal with the effectiveness of the product in the area of weight loss.

Effectiveness of Fitsmart

In terms of effectiveness, the review of the available scientific literature has shown that the ingredients contained in Fitsmart capsules have been shown to support weight loss in some studies. However, it should be noted that such results are often only seen under specific conditions or in combination with diet and exercise.

Research results

A closer look at the available research results reveals the following:

  • Scientific studies: The effectiveness of Fitsmart in the context of weight loss has certainly been discussed, although the results vary and further independent analyses would be desirable.
  • Weight loss: Some studies suggest that specific ingredients in Fitsmart capsules have the potential to support weight loss. However, this is not unanimously supported by all research.</li

The interpretation of the research results therefore requires a nuanced view and the recognition that dietary supplements should only be one part of a comprehensive weight management strategy.

Experience reports and reviews

Customer reviews about FitSmart capsules present a varied picture. The experiences vary from very positive feedback to critical reviews. One user reports significant improvements in the context of weight loss after taking the capsules for two months. This person confirms the effectiveness of the capsules and describes the results as “super good”.

User feedback:

  • Positive: Users appreciate the performance and reliability of the dietary supplement to support weight loss.</li
  • Taste: In a separate review, one customer mentions the high quality of the taste of FitSmart protein powder, emphasising its natural taste without any artificial flavour.

Distribution of star ratings at (as of April 2024):

5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 star
Unknown 3% 3% 5% 51%

Overall, there is a clear majority with a rating of 1 star. Despite the outstanding positive experiences of individual users, there also seem to be critical voices that strongly influence the overall rating. Anyone interested should bear in mind that individual results can vary and is advised to consult several sources before deciding in favour of or against the product.

Possible side effects

When consuming Fitsmart capsules, it is important to be aware of the possibility of side effects. These can vary from person to person, but some users report specific symptoms that may be related to their intake.

  • Dry mouth: Some users may experience a reduction in saliva flow, resulting in an uncomfortable feeling of dryness in the mouth.
  • Rare side effects: The likelihood of rare side effects is low, and these may only occur in up to one in 1,000 users.

It should be emphasised that, according to the information available, Fitsmart capsules do not affect the effect of the contraceptive pill when used as directed and should also have no effect on high blood pressure. Furthermore, there is no evidence that the ability to drive or operate machinery is impaired by taking the capsules.

Note for users: Every body reacts differently to food supplements. If side effects occur, it is recommended to discontinue use and consult a doctor or other qualified healthcare professional. In addition, the package leaflet should always be observed and the recommended dosage should not be exceeded.

Manufacturer information

This section provides readers with detailed information about the manufacturer of FitSmart Fat Burner, including insights into the company’s profile and manufacturing standards.

Company profile

The manufacturer of FitSmart capsules is known as a provider of dietary supplements that emphasise the use of natural ingredients. In line with its focus on health and well-being, the company emphasises the GMO-free nature of its products, which means that no genetically modified organisms are used in the production of FitSmart.

Manufacturing standards

FitSmart attaches great importance to manufacturing standards based on transparency and quality assurance. The products are manufactured in accordance with strict guidelines to ensure the purity of the ingredients and the consistency of the supplements. Adherence to these standards is key for the company to ensure that the capsules are manufactured without artificial additives or alterations.

Purchase options and availability

When purchasing FitSmart capsules, customers should consider pricing, shipping and return options. These factors can vary significantly and are critical to making an informed purchase decision.


FitSmart capsules are often offered with discounts where customers can save up to €150. The exact prices can be found on the provider’s website or in selected pharmacies. Occasionally, flexible payment options such as Klarna or PayPal are also available.

Shipping and return options

FitSmart capsules can usually be shipped within Germany. The shipping costs depend on the provider and may be waived in some cases. Many retailers offer a return option for unsatisfactory products. Customers should check the respective return conditions carefully, as these can vary.

Rating and conclusion

FitSmart capsules present themselves as a supportive dietary supplement in the weight management process. They are intended to play a particularly positive role in a calorie-reduced diet. It is recommended to take them 15 – 30 minutes before or during breakfast.

The composition of FitSmart is based on natural ingredients aimed at stimulating the metabolism and improving mental alertness. Special mention is made of raspberry ketones, which are said to have an antioxidant effect.

FitSmart is aimed at adults who want to control their body weight and achieve a healthy body structure. Emphasis is placed on the healthy, plant-based and vegan origin of the ingredients.

It should be noted that such supplements are not intended to diagnose or treat disease. The importance of a balanced diet and regular physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle should always be emphasised.

It is important to consider the advice of healthcare professionals before incorporating supplements such as FitSmart into your daily routine. This ensures appropriate use and minimises potential risks.

Main benefits of FitSmart:

  • Supports weight management with a calorie-reduced diet
  • Stimulates the metabolism
  • Positive influence on mental alertness

In conclusion, FitSmart capsules should be seen as part of a healthy lifestyle, but are not a substitute for basic diet and exercise principles.

Frequently asked questions

When using Fitsmart capsules, users often have questions about how to integrate them into their routine, ingredients, possible side effects, how they differ from other supplements, how to combine them with medication and how long it takes to see results.

How can I integrate Fitsmart capsules into my daily routine?

Fitsmart capsules should be taken regularly for optimum effect. The manufacturer recommends taking the capsules over a longer period of time and following the individual dosage instructions.

What ingredients are contained in Fitsmart capsules?

The exact ingredients of Fitsmart capsules vary depending on the product. Details of the ingredients can usually be found on the product packaging or in the leaflet.

Are there any side effects when taking Fitsmart capsules?

The tolerability of Fitsmart capsules depends on the individual circumstances. Frequently listed side effects or possible risks can be found in the product information.

How do Fitsmart capsules differ from other dietary supplements?

Fitsmart Fat Burner Caps have been developed for body weight management and differ from other dietary supplements in their composition and intended mode of action.

Can I take Fitsmart capsules together with other medications?

Fitsmart Fat Burner should only be taken together with other medications after consulting a doctor to rule out any interactions.

How long does it take before I see results from taking Fitsmart capsules?

The time it takes for results to become visible can vary from person to person. Long-term use in conjunction with a calorie-reduced diet could lead to positive results.

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