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Many people tend to suffer from permanent tension and back pain as a result of working in the office for long periods of time. As a result, sitting for long periods of time quickly becomes a torture.

To provide lasting relief from pain and prevent poor posture in the long term, there are special seat cushions that are designed to support both posture and sitting comfort. A new and special seat cushion is the new Klaudena Memory Foam Cushion, which aims to stand out from conventional seat cushions thanks to its special resilient foam.

We reviewed the new Klaudena Seat Cushion.

Klaudena Review & Rating

  • 🇪🇺 Made in the European Union
  • Reduces pressure and effectively reduces pain when sitting
  • Orthopaedic design – The spine remains upright
  • Made of high quality memory foam
  • Air can circulate inside the pillow, it always stays cool
  • Anti-slip nubs
  • Very light weight – Easy to carry
  • Now available at 50% off.

Rating: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (9.8 out of 10 points).

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Klaudena Memory Foam Pillow


Klaudena back cushion review and experience

Klaudena is an ergonomic seat cushion that supports your own body shape with its memory foam. In everyday working life, people suffer from bad posture in the musculature, complaints with the spine as well as back pain and tension due to long periods of sitting and working at a desk. If people do not consciously work on their own sitting posture, this can aggravate the complaints in the long run. The manufacturer specialises in producing seat cushions that are designed to strengthen the muscles in the long term so that malformations do not occur.

The seat cushion from Klaudena back cushion is built with special memory foam in such a way that a natural sitting posture is supported, which at the same time automatically brings the body posture into a healthy position. The improved sitting posture caused by the cushion can significantly relieve back and hip pain. Klaudena also specialises in ensuring that the seat cushion is very comfortable and lightweight, so that it can also become a daily companion when you are on the move. The seat cushion adapts specifically to each body and can therefore be used by all age groups.

It is impossible to develop chairs that are adaptable to every person’s body shape. However, the Klaudena Seat Cushion compensates for this by adapting to the body’s own shape, thereby promoting blood circulation. Improved blood circulation can keep muscles from getting tired and at the same time prevent inflammation. This prevents pain when considered in the long term.

For whom is the memory foam cushion suitable?

The seat cushion is basically suitable for everyone to prevent damage and pain caused by sitting for too long. Klaudena is particularly suitable for people who mainly work at a desk in their everyday life. Sitting for long periods of time can lead to poor posture and back pain. This makes the seat cushion very attractive for long periods of work in the office.

Since Klaudena is not only applicable for office chairs, but also for car or aeroplane seats, the cushion with memory foam is also particularly suitable for commuters and long journeys. Long car journeys and flights can be made much more comfortable with the seat cushion, so that pain and muscle fatigue can be avoided.

Truck drivers can also prevent back pain and tension from long journeys with the Klaudena seat cushion. The cushion can avert possible bad posture and relieve the spine as a precaution.

Those who generally suffer from discomfort due to long sitting can also use the seat cushion for cosy movie evenings. Therefore, it is also suitable for children who spend a lot of time at the computer to prevent bad posture.
People who need to relieve their backs due to injuries and operations can also benefit from the seat cushion. The ergonomic way of sitting can relieve pain and prevent new injuries.

Another user group of the seat cushion are athletes. Athletes need to take extra care in their daily lives to keep their muscles and posture healthy in order to continue pursuing their athletic goals. Athletes spend a large part of their day eating healthy and moving a lot. However, increased exercise means that the body is not used to sitting for long periods at a time. In turn, it reacts to this with pain and tension. With discomfort, however, sporting activities can become torture, if they can be undertaken at all. In order to relieve the muscles when they are not being moved, the Klaudena seat cushion can be used in everyday life.

After sporting activities, the muscles, spine and bones are already irritated anyway and need rest. However, an incorrect sitting position can hinder the recovery of the muscles, so that inflammations can develop. The Klaudena seat cushion is also used by athletes for better breathing of the muscles. After sport, the body continues to sweat for some time. If you sit on a hard surface or a normal fabric cover, this can lead to increased perspiration, which causes unpleasant odours in seats. These are usually difficult to remove again, so that the furniture permanently has unpleasant odours.

If the Klaudena seat cushion is now used as padding between a hard surface or a fabric cover, the body of athletes can breathe out better before sweat accumulates. This allows the body to breathe better, which benefits the muscles. The pillow’s robust cover also allows athletes to wash it several times a week without damaging the material.

Klaudena Seat Cushion

What are the benefits of the Klaudena Seat Cushion?

In the long run, bad sitting postures not only lead to complaints such as pain, but also to poor posture in the long term. To prevent this, it is enormously important to adopt a healthy sitting posture. The Klaudena seat cushion automatically supports a healthy posture so that back, hip and leg pain can be avoided. The ergonomic sitting posture also relaxes the spine and supports the neck muscles. Without the right sitting posture, the spine will become curved in the long run, which can lead to irreversible damage. The Klaudena seat cushion not only provides support for a short period of time, but also long periods of sitting work, such as a daily office routine, can be easily overcome with the seat cushion with memory foam.

The practical thing about the seat cushion is that it can be taken anywhere thanks to its lightness and manageability. This makes it very portable for everyday use. Due to its small size, it fits perfectly into handbags or backpacks. Another advantage is the structure of the cushion. Sitting for long periods of time runs the risk of sweat accumulating in seat cushions, which in the long run draws unpleasant odours into the fabric. The Klaudena seat cushion, on the other hand, is designed in such a way that the air can circulate excellently, even during long periods of use. The design thus prevents the formation of sweat stains and prevents unpleasant odours.

How is it constructed?

The Klaudena Seat Cushion is produced from a special foam that makes up the majority of the cushion’s sourcing. This foam is contained in a cushion cover, which is made of a non-slip material so that the cushion adheres optimally to all surfaces. The shape of the pillow has been developed by experts so that the memory foam adapts well to all body shapes. A particularly practical feature is that the cover of the pillow can be removed. This makes the cover extremely hygienic because it can be washed at any time without damaging the pillow. The memory foam remembers the body shape through longer periods of use and thus adapts to the dimensions of the user, ensuring the stability of the back.


The cushion is approx. 38cm long and has a width of 45cm.

Special features

The biggest special feature of the seat cushion is the specially made memory foam, which is designed so that the cushion quickly adapts to your own body shape and thus improves your sitting posture in the long term. Conventional seat cushions do cushion the coccyx to prevent pain from sitting too long, but they do not have the special foam that adapts to your own muscles. The memory foam not only adapts to one’s own posture, but also distributes one’s body weight evenly on the chair, so that no discomfort can develop due to uneven weight distribution.

The memory foam is constructed in such a way that the air can circulate very well within the cushion. With conventional cushions, unpleasant sweating occurs very quickly due to the accumulated air. The formed and accumulated sweat then settles in the fibres, causing stubborn odours that are almost impossible to remove. Furthermore, mould can form due to accumulated moisture. Stains also occur due to the wetness. The Klaudena seat cushion, on the other hand, is extremely breathable, which prevents moisture from forming inside the cushion. As a result, it remains fresh and hygienic even after long hours of sitting.

To further support this, another special feature of the Klaudena Seat Cushion is the removable cushion cover, which ensures that the cover can be washed at any time. This ensures particularly good hygiene in the long term, so that the cushion does not need to be replaced in the long term. The ergonomic shape of the cushion is suitable for all age groups. The Klaudena seat cushion is also a good choice for schoolchildren. Many years of working at a desk can cause bad posture, which is often irreversible. If attention is paid to a healthy sitting posture at an early stage, problems with the spine can be remedied before they can spread.
The cushion can easily be taken to school, as it is particularly light and takes up hardly any space in the school bag due to its small size.

Klaudena Testimonials, Customer Ratings & Reviews (Forum)

The experiences of the users are consistently particularly positive. The user groups can be divided into different occupational classes: Office workers and commuters. Furthermore, the use in private life by the users is added.

  • Users of the Klaudena Seat Cushion report reduced pain due to the improved sitting posture. Furthermore, users find the washability of the cushion cover to be very good, as the hygiene standard is maintained.
  • Another positive aspect is the comfortable way the cushion is worn. Users report that the pillow is also very easy to carry when travelling, and can therefore be taken along on any undertaking without any problems. Commuters, mainly truck drivers, also report on the high seating comfort of the cushion. During long journeys, the users suffered from severe back pain, and in some cases incorrect posture and damage to the spine had already been diagnosed. Thanks to the Klaudena seat cushion, people were able to pursue their profession again without pain, even during long journeys.
  • Some users also use the Klaudena seat cushion for long air travel, which can cause discomfort to the muscles. Due to its small size, the cushion was perfect for hand luggage and could easily be taken on the plane. The memory foam relieved the muscles and even on long flights, users did not suffer from back pain.
  • One user reports that after an injury and subsequent surgery, she bought the seat cushion to relieve pain that occurs when sitting. After consultation with her attending physician, she was allowed to use the cushion in her everyday life. She was particularly positive about the improvement in her pain, which occurred after only a short period of use. The memory foam of the seat cushion was also rated as positive. This gradually adapts more and more to the body’s own shape, so that the cushion remembers the contours of the body and adopts the posture permanently.
  • Most users say that they have had the pillow with them in any situation since purchasing it, as its small size makes it very portable.
    Furthermore, users agree that the Klaudena cushion clearly stands out from conventional seat cushions due to its high level of hygiene. The cover is very easy to remove and dries very quickly after cleaning. It can then be reattached to the cushion without much effort.
  • Sportspeople endorse the Klaudena cushion because of its good and sweat-absorbing effect. They report that they often had to notice unpleasant odours in furniture or seating in everyday life, as their bodies continue to sweat for a long time after sporting activity. The odours were difficult to remove from furniture, which is why they use the seat cushion after sports so that the absorbed sweat does not soak into furniture and fabrics. They rate the robust material of the cushion as excellent, as they can wash the cushion several times a week without any damage to the material becoming noticeable. The seat cushion helps the muscles to breathe better and relaxes them noticeably after training, so that the spine is relieved. Due to the improved sitting posture, runners have also noticed an improvement in their training, as their posture has been sustainably improved, which is evident in the achievement of athletic goals. The seat cushion can also be used for stretching and trains the balance of athletes at the same time.
  • In addition to the cushion itself, users also rate the manufacturer’s customer service as particularly positive. The ordering process is very easy. The cushion was shipped quickly and arrived undamaged to all users. In case of queries, the manufacturer’s customer service is competently available and answers all questions with friendliness and competence.
  • Compared to other manufacturers and seat cushions, the price-performance ratio of Klaudena is rated as very good.

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