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Fruit gums have been on everyone’s lips for a long time now, and not just as fattening sweets. First it was realised that the sweet treats could also be mixed with vitamin C and offered as a tasty immune booster for children. This increased the health value of the treat.

Lately, there are also fruit gums for weight loss. On this page, we review the new KetoXplode weight loss gummies.

KetoXplode gummies review and rating

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    • Apple cider vinegar
    • Ginger extract
    • Coconut oil
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KetoXplode: fake or real?

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Keto Xplode Stiftung Warentest?

Has Stiftung Warentest already tested KetoXplode gummy bears?

As yet, no KetoXplode test has been carried out by Stiftung Warentest. Unfortunately, there has not yet been a test report from Stiftung Warentest on weight loss gummies at all. If this changes, we will inform you here.

KetoXplode fruit gums test report and experiences

The idea of using fruit gums to help you lose weight is not entirely new. In Great Britain and the USA, such keto fruit gums are already in circulation in large quantities. A US magazine recently tested 23 of the best products – a clear indication that there are now even more weight-loss fruit gums in the USA. In the meantime, various products of this kind can also be found in Germany. We recently noticed the apple-flavoured KetoXplode Keto fruit gums. The somewhat strange-sounding name of this product already says that these fruit gums are supposed to stimulate the state of ketosis. And this is then used to lose weight faster. By the way, KetoXplode is pronounced like Keto Ex-plode.

Lose weight with ketosis

Now, many people don’t even know what ketosis is all about. Moreover, it sounds quite unbelievable to some people that you can lose weight with a sweet tooth. In fact, it sounds rather absurd. So far, we have been taught the exact opposite. Other people, however, are thrilled because it’s finally no longer a matter of strict diets with boring diet shakes and awful-tasting powder products that you can hardly get down. Lose weight more easily with delicious fruit gums? Give them to us! That’s what many people think.

We wanted to know what’s behind the KetoXplode Ketose fruit gums and whether you can actually reduce your excess weight more easily with them. Our test also included a lot of research on the topic – both of which are certainly quite enlightening for some.

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What are KetoXplode gummy bears?

KetoXplode gummy bears are apple flavoured fruit gums. They have been designed by the British manufacturer as a fat burner. This idea is not new. It is already very popular in the USA and the UK. Each manufacturer of such diet products is of course looking for their own concepts to achieve the best effects. Ultimately, of course, the aim is to fulfil the dream of all overweight people: to lose excess weight quickly, effectively and without effort. Possibly even without any renunciation of calorie-rich pleasures. The manufacturer’s website says that KetoXplode was chosen as the best fat burner keto fruit gum. However, it is not clear where and by whom this was done.

It is also revealed that the fruit gums stimulate fat burning thanks to the active ingredient they contain by inducing a state of ketosis. The organism is thereby supposed to be induced to no longer draw on the abundantly available carbohydrates for energy production. This is very convenient for the organism, because the supply of carbohydrates is always coming in. But fats are actually much more suitable for energy production. Since the organism does not voluntarily switch to a state of ketosis when there are enough carbohydrates in the diet, you can get it to do so with KetoXplode fruit gums.

Normally, you either have to starve yourself for a few days so that the organism goes into ketosis and uses up stored fat reserves. Alternatively, you can also reach the state of ketosis with a ketogenic diet. However, this is actually an extremely low-carbohydrate diet. This special diet was developed as early as 1920 by doctors for children with certain forms of epilepsy – for example, the so-called fires epilepsy. In the meantime, diabetics who are considerably overweight are also being introduced to this type of diet. For these people, it is beneficial to lose a lot of weight. However, because the keto diet is actually a medical intervention, this particular diet usually requires close medical supervision.

ketoxplode apple gummies

Despite all the risks, the keto diet has become popular among advocates of certain diets. It is a great way to lose weight. The amount of carbohydrates consumed daily is greatly reduced in the ketogenic diet. 80 percent of the food that is consumed daily consists of fats. These should preferably be vegetable, because such a quantity of animal fats would lead to health problems. The fat mass of slaughtered animals contains heavy metals, stress hormones, antibiotics or pesticides, which are added to the feed by many breeders as weight accelerators.

Those who are not familiar with the rules of the ketogenic diet soon have to deal with health consequences such as dehydration, hypoglycaemia, nutrient deficiencies, electrolyte losses, diarrhoea or constipation, bad breath, headaches and dizziness. In addition, menstrual periods may not occur. Muscles can also break down due to severe weight loss. We asked ourselves: how can you now get into ketosis without taking all these risks? The answer is: By continuing to eat a normal diet if you want to lose weight with the help of KetoXplode.

At best, the amounts of carbohydrates should be reduced a little and the (healthy) dietary fats should be increased a little. An avocado, some fatty cheese or a few nuts would do the trick. However, a diet is not necessary to lose weight with KetoXplode, says the manufacturer. According to the manufacturer, exercise is also unnecessary to lose weight. The active ingredients in KetoXplode are purely natural and of high quality, says the manufacturer. The concept of KetoXplode fruit gums is based on full-spectrum keto-BHB salts. However, it is not explained on the manufacturer’s website what this is supposed to be.

Our research revealed that BHB salts is the abbreviation for beta-hydroxybutyrate salts. This substance is also produced in the human organism – namely when free fatty acids are broken down in the liver for the purpose of energy production. If you eat a fruit gum with BHB salts, the body automatically produces more ketones. This improves insulin sensitivity and reduces fat deposits. But muscle mass is not lost. On the contrary: you feel more energetic and more efficient. The combination of MCT oil and beta-hydroxybutyrate can increase ketosis even more. But be careful! BHB salts dehydrate the organism. You should therefore stick to the recommended dosage of KetoXplode fruit gums.

To prevent the ketosis from becoming too strong and causing problems, the manufacturer has added energy-giving carbohydrates in the form of two types of sugar. The sugars glucose syrup and sugar even come first on the ingredients list, followed by water. However, sugar is found in all fruit jellies for manufacturing reasons, so that they gel. Apple pectin is used for this purpose. This is matched by the apple flavour, which improves the taste of the KetoXplode keto fruit gums. The reduction of excess weight is fuelled by the presence of mother apple cider vinegar and ginger extract, in addition to the BHB salts. Both have a mild laxative effect. Ginger also stimulates digestive metabolism and fires up blood circulation.

The formula of the keto fruit gums seems credible to our three-person test team, especially since we researched the meaning and effect of all the ingredients. The fact is that ketosis leads to increased energy levels and is very effective in burning fat. Weight loss can actually be achieved more quickly with it.


The KetoXplode Apple Gummies ingredients:

  • Apple cider vinegar (500mg)
  • Ginger extract (10mg)
  • Citric acid
  • Pectin
  • Coconut oil
  • Other ingredients

Scope of application

Modern diets are to blame for the increase in obesity in civilised society. Instead of cooking our own delicious meals from fresh and healthy foods, we increasingly help ourselves to vitamin-poor frozen pizzas, salted chips, unhealthy and fatty snack food or filling snacks such as biscuits, bars or sugar- and fat-laden cake particles. The amount of carbohydrates in modern food has grown enormously. No wonder that our organism now tends to use carbohydrates as a quick and abundant fuel for energy metabolism.

Of course, we also take in plenty of fats with our food – especially animal and unhealthy as well as industrially highly processed fats. However, the body does not need these fats. Because of their content of unhealthy or harmful substances, it must either immediately defuse them and eliminate them. Alternatively, it stores the unused dietary fats somewhere as an emergency cushion. Over time, these fat deposits grow, because they are never used for energy production. Our modern diet has conditioned the organism wrongly, so to speak. It is now permanently wrongly programmed.

So it needs an effective stimulant that reminds it that its actual energy production programme was based on fat utilisation. This is where the KetoXplode keto fruit gums come into play. They provide such a stimulus. The fruit gum ingredients remind the misguided organism that it should preferentially burn fats to produce energy. To be precise, when losing weight, the organism wants to obtain the highest possible quality dietary fats to allow all its processes to take place. At the same time, this enables it to break down the fat deposits it has already built up from unused dietary fats.

He would also do this willingly otherwise. Actually, carbohydrates are not an ideal source of energy for the body. Carbohydrates influence the blood sugar level. This is constantly on a rollercoaster ride due to the constant intake and rapid consumption of carbohydrates. If, however, the organism prefers to burn fats, the blood sugar level remains much more stable. The energy level also remains stable when burning fat, because it does not drop rapidly as soon as the preferred carbohydrates are consumed. In the state of ketosis, the organism again prefers fats. With KetoXplode, ketosis can be achieved effortlessly in an amazingly short time.

Under normal circumstances, however, it would take days or even weeks to establish ketosis. As we can see, however, weight loss also works without this tedious diversions. Namely, completely risk-free with KetoXplode fruit gums.

KetoXplode Fruit Gummies Test


With just two KetoXplode Apple fruit gums daily, the organism can be brought into the state of ketosis.

This state actually used to be his natural state. Then modern nutrition got in its way – and gradually reprogrammed it. So all it takes is an impulse that the organism understands to reprogram itself back into the right mode.

Then the reprogrammed organism begins to break down fat deposits.It will then burn these fats for energy instead of the previous carbohydrates. If you preferably take in healthy fats such as avocados, nuts and fatty fish – for example salmon – with your food, then it will use these fats for all kinds of other processes in which the valuable fatty acids from such fat suppliers play a role. It is important that no other fat molecules from unhealthy fats such as margarine or lard are stored because they are of no use to him. The great advantage of keto fruit gums is that the desirable state of ketosis is reached very quickly.

The active ingredients in the KetoXplode Apple Gummies are almost immediately successful in re-polarising the organism that we have misdirected. A recent study published in the “Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism”-Journal confirmed that KetoXplode actually uses fat burning for energy instead of using the abundant carbohydrates as usual. The weight loss possible with this was also proven in the study. The increased energy level is a pleasant by-product of this strategy.

It confirms once again that the manufacturer’s concept works. And it works without side effects, as long as the recommended daily dose is adhered to. By the way, the manufacturer comes from Great Britain. It is called Med One Solution Ltd. The company is located at 32 Creedwell Orchard, in TA4 1 JY Taunton, United Kingdom. KetoXplode fruit gums can be ordered here.

Application, dosage and intake

It is interesting that you can take one, two or three KetoXplode fruit gums with natural ingredients, depending on the amount of excess weight you have gained. However, it is also clear that this is not about ordinary snacking and sweets. This is about a special kind of functional food. It is a food supplement for dietary purposes, which for once does not come in capsule form. It is better to resist the temptation to eat a few more fruit jellies. It doesn’t make you lose weight faster, but suddenly you don’t feel good any more. The reason for this is that you are too close to the risks of ketosis that have already been described.

The British manufacturer promises that with the normal dose of two KetoXplode fruit gums you can become up to three kilos lighter. And that already in the first week. But the fact is that everyone has an individual metabolism. In this respect, such general statements should be taken with a grain of salt. At least that’s what one of our test experts said. And rightly so. Since everyone’s metabolism is individual, it also reacts individually to such diet products. Someone loses one or one and a half kilos, another two, a third almost four. Nothing about it is disappointing or wrong. It’s perfectly normal – just as gaining weight has taken different lengths of time.

Some eat three pieces of cream cake and still don’t gain a gram. Another deliberately allows himself only half a piece of cream cake for the sake of his figure. And still weighs a kilo more the next morning. It is important to note that the effect of KetoXplode is always the same despite individual metabolic conditions – namely to trigger ketosis and boost the fat metabolism. The period in which weight loss success can be achieved varies. After all, it is not called “up to three kilos” weight loss for nothing.

Expecting too much can only lead to disappointment. That would be a shame, because KetoXplode actually works. Faster and more effectively for one, slower and more sustainable for the other. Once the accelerated fat burning has fully established itself – usually in the first month of use – the possible weight loss adds up to up to nine kilos in two months. The Keto fruit gums can continue to be taken without any problems once the desired weight has been reached. This way you can maintain it for longer.

Prices & Price comparison

The price of diet supplements is known to be a hot point of discussion. With KetoXplode, you should therefore pay particular attention to the hottest price: In the Best Buy package with five monthly packs of KetoXplode, a single tin of fruit gums costs just 29.95 euros. That adds up to almost 150 euros saved. The postage is also waived. Only 149.50 euros are charged for 5 months of KetoXplode fruit gums. That sounds like a lot of money. And definitely for a buyer who is really serious about weight loss.

But when you know that a single tin of KetoXplode Diet Gummies costs 59.95 euros, with an additional 4.95 euros for postage, you might start to think. With the five-pack, you would get two cans free of charge, so the price is so favourable in comparison. Of course, you can also try the manufacturer’s sales hit and three packs of KetoXplode. With this, you can lose weight for three months in a state of ketosis. You only pay 36.60 euros per can, so a total of 109.80 euros. Postage costs of 4.90 euros are added to this. Nevertheless, you still save 50 euros. That’s worth thinking about.

Clever calculators now work out the price of a single fruit jelly to lose weight in each of the package sizes just presented. Have fun with it. Then you might ask yourself how much money you usually spend on things that don’t have much benefit. Ordering KetoXplode is hassle-free, as our two mystery shoppers found. They also found the taste of the fruit gums to be okay. Our test ran for over a month. Both test persons successfully lost weight: Ralf lost one and a half kilos, Sonja two kilos and 200 grams. Both had only a few kilos too many on their ribs.

But it is not only people who are overweight, have diabetes or obesity who want to reduce their weight. Athletes, bodybuilders or women after pregnancy also see reasons to do so. But be careful: KetoXplode should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding for the sake of the baby’s health. Unborn and newborn babies need vast amounts of nutrients. The reason: children never grow up so rapidly in such a short time.

KetoXplode Diet Gummies reviews and testimonials from users on the forum

Our verified buyers Ashley, Isabella and Darin have each left a more detailed comment on the manufacturer’s site. However, they are only three of the many comments we have picked out as examples. If you look on Facebook or Instagram, you will find many more reviews about KetoXplode. The fact is that KetoXplode has been causing a furore in the USA and Great Britain for quite some time and has been commented on accordingly often. In addition, you can find more test reviews and detailed info articles on the internet. First, however, we asked our two volunteers who take on various diet products with us every now and then to test them.

  • Ralf and Sonje agreed that such fruit gums with good ingredients are a good solution for many people. Instead of switching to the ketogenic diet, where there are many things to consider and where there are high risks to health, ketosis can be achieved quickly and risk-free with KetoXplode Diet. “In the normal way, the organism needs quite a long time for this change,” Petra knew to report. Her brother, after trying out the Stone Age diet, is now currently eating the Keto diet. “It wouldn’t be anything for me, but I found the experiment with KetoXplode quite interesting. However, the ketogenic diet is not for me.”
  • Ralf is an athletic guy who doesn’t actually have any major weight problems. For him, it was all about losing a bit of belly fat. “Too much chocolate lately,” he admitted, laughing. Verified buyer Ashley R. reported that she first came across the KetoXplode success story through some videos. At some point she became curious. Couldn’t one lose weight without any effort? Extreme diets were not for her. At some point, she thought it was time to try the KetoXplode Apple Gummies and actually lost weight. But she only weighed herself after a few weeks. At first she thought her bathroom scales must be defective. Then she realised that she actually weighed five kilograms less. Now she tells all her friends and acquaintances who are overweight about it.
  • The same thing happens to Isabella N. She, too, had seen advertisements for KetoXplode again and again for several weeks and was curious whether the preparation was really any good. In the end, her sister made the difference. She took the heavily advertised Keto fruit gums instead of thinking twice. Promptly, her sister lost excess weight, while Isabella stayed on her unattractive bikini figure. But she changed her attitude and lost 10 kilograms within 30 days. Now the bikini fits again – and some other things too.
  • Darin K. had obviously already experienced ketosis through his diet. But he found Keto Xplode Gummies to be by far one of the best products he could use to get into that state. Now Darin tells us that he is leaner than ever before. He owns a body fat scale – and it showed a whopping ten percent reduction in body fat after taking it for four months. Darin found this success amazing. He wrote that he owed a huge debt of gratitude to KetoXplode Apple Gummies.

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