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Do you actually know anyone who likes to talk to others about dishwasher tabs? There are simply things on earth that are not a topic of conversation – unless there is a pandemic shortage of them due to hoarding purchases, as has been the case with toilet paper. Or people are extremely dissatisfied with a product. Then people do talk about it. What people do talk about occasionally, however, is smelly washing machines and dishwashers.

But there is a simple remedy for smelly dishwashers: the patented Fuugu dishwasher cleaning tabs. Our test took a closer look at these tabs, which can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

From experience, products such as the Fuugu dishwasher tabs are not included in the test series by reputable test institutes such as Ökotest or Stiftung Warentest. They are probably considered dubious because they are only available for direct sale, not in supermarkets or at the well-known drugstore chains. However, some customers miss the chance to solve a well-known problem – in this case a smelly dishwasher.

Many people perceive this unpleasant smell as a hygienic deficiency that is unacceptable. Indeed, this condition is unacceptable. Because not only tiny grease and food residues settle in the invisible nooks and crannies of a dishwasher. Over time, the warm, damp environment is also teeming with mould spores, bacteria, fungal spores, germs and limescale deposits. The latter, in combination with deposited fat molecules, give the substances mentioned above the substrate on which they can settle.

Fuugu Review by Anna (housewife, 47 years old)

Our test object is a 13-year-old dishwasher that was recently sorted out by our neighbours after a burst water pipe in the kitchen and replaced with a new dishwasher. The machine is still fully functional but has never been cleaned thoroughly enough. The dishes you take out after a cleaning cycle are dull. It smells musty. The cleaning performance is reduced. With a simple reading magnifier, we could spot food residues or greasy streaks here and there. An ideal test object for the smart Fuugu dishwasher cleaning tabs.

FUUGU UK review & rating

  • 🇪🇺 Made in the EU
  • Fuugu Dishwasher Cleaner Tablets effectively remove all types of deposits in the dishwasher
  • Very strong cleaning performance
  • Environmentally friendly – the product is biodegradable
  • Very pleasant fresh smell
  • Only one tab per month is sufficient – Thus very inexpensive
  • EPA-Safer-Choice certified
  • Momemntan available directly from the manufacturer at a deep discount

Rating: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (9.8 out of 10 points)


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Fuugu Dishwasher Cleaner: experience and review

Fuugu dishwasher tabs are smart dishwasher cleaners. With them, you can restore an unpleasantly smelly dishwasher to its former freshness with an empty wash cycle and a simple cleaner tab. At this point, you will usually notice dishes that don’t look 100 per cent clean. There’s still a bit of mashed potato stuck here, a tiny bit of sauce hanging out there. A plate still looks greasy. That can be very embarrassing when you are entertaining guests.

Moreover, the plates do not smell hygienically clean, but unpleasantly musty. Over time, a foul smell escapes from the dishwasher itself. Even dishwasher tablets can no longer eliminate or mask this smell. It is time to clean the dishwasher thoroughly. But with conventional means you can’t possibly reach every corner where unsightly streaks of grease, limescale molecules, mould spores, bacteria and other things have settled. Mould in particular feels right at home in such an environment.

The limey, slimy deposits hide preferably in the drain hose, below and behind the heating coils and in hidden corners that you don’t even think about. For example, behind the filter screens. Basically, you would have to take the entire machine apart every time to really clean all the contaminated areas. We allowed ourselves this “fun” once with our test machine to see what had accumulated there. A mechanic friend of ours took the old machine apart for testing.

The view of calcified spray arms, valves, sieves, drains and return hoses covered with a film of slime would blow anyone’s mind. The foul smell too. The condition of our old dishwasher used for the test may be due to its age, but certainly not to the lack of cleaning by our esteemed neighbour. She is known to us as very clean. However, she had never heard of the Fuugu dishwasher cleaning tabs. Therefore, she followed our test procedure with great interest.

In fact, a single Fuugu cleaning tab per month is enough to keep a dishwasher hygienically clean and free of germs or the slime from food residues and mould spores over the years. This also makes the unpleasant foul smell inside the machine and on the washed dishes disappear. In fact, we don’t know what we are ingesting from the germs created when we eat from these plates and drink from such cups and glasses. In any case, it cannot be healthy.

Our organism can cope well with small amounts of bacteria and mineral deposits. But over the years, more germs, limescale residues and mould spores accumulate than one would like. In the end, however, all unwanted deposits also limit the functionality of your dishwasher. The washed dishes no longer get properly clean. Food residues, limescale molecules and germs also settle on its increasingly dull surface. Buying a new dishwasher can be expensive.

To restore the desired hygiene, we used a Fuugu dishwasher tab after the tedious assembly of the dishwasher. The result was very satisfactory. Under the magnifying glass, the dishes showed no more food residues, grease droplets or limescale streaks. They shone freshly and smelled of lemon. The inside of the dishwasher also shone like it had been polished. Our neighbour noticed this too. She didn’t want her new dishwasher to get to the point where it would start to smell.

So we gave her a pack of six individually packaged Fuugu Tabs as a thank you for making our test possible. She can now use them to tackle the inside of her dishwasher for six months without getting her hands dirty.

Fuugu Smart Dishwasher Cleaner

Fuugu Tabs review: the benefits and features

There should be housewife consensus that no one wants to clean their dishwasher by hand with a dishbrush and rag. If this were necessary on a regular basis, the dishwashers in clinics, canteens, restaurants and old people’s homes would quickly look for another job. Because one thing is certain: no matter how clean and hygiene-conscious someone is – even the most meticulous housekeeper never catches all the critical corners under normal circumstances.

Instead of spending one’s life time on such unsatisfactory and ineffective tasks, one should simply rely on the patented Fuugu Dishwasher Cleaner Tabs. With them, smart housewives and househusbands use a smart method to clean the dishwasher in every little nook and cranny. This also includes the hidden parts of the dishwasher such as heating coils, sieves, valves or return hoses. After our test, we see this as the most important advantage. We found the drain hose alone to be breathtakingly disgusting because of its unpleasant smell.

Point two on our test agenda was the environmental friendliness of the Fuugu Tabs. Here, too, the tabs score with biodegradability and natural ingredients. The development of the Fuugu dishwasher cleaning tabs is based on many tests of the product by the manufacturer. In addition, research series on the contamination of household appliances were carried out. Once the harmful elements in dishwashers that settle inside were identified, it was possible to look for substances that would put an end to them.

Environmentally friendly ingredients

The ingredients that then led to the development of Fuugu dishwasher cleaner tabs proved to be optimal in the manufacturer’s tests. What was wanted were dishwasher cleaner tabs that were easy to use, effective in their action, environmentally friendly in their use and successful in eliminating what is a horror to every housewife. From our point of view, this goal has been achieved. Fuugu Dishwasher Tabs improve the functionality of a dishwasher. Even one that is getting on in years. They ensure hygienic conditions inside the dishwasher.

The Fuugu cleaning tabs also remove the limescale film on which unhealthy germs and mould spores could feel at home. The results last for a whole month. The tabs are therefore very economical to use. The purchase costs are well worth it. One Fuugu dishwasher cleaner tab per month is enough to achieve satisfactory results. To prevent the hydrophobic tabs from attracting moisture from the room air and dissolving prematurely, they are individually packaged in plastic film.

This point does not exactly speak for environmental friendliness, but in this case it is absolutely necessary. So we did not deduct any points from the performance rating for this. The electricity and water consumption for one empty rinse cycle per month is, in our view, manageable. Even a washing machine should experience an empty rinse cycle with Kaiser soda or something similar every now and then. You know yourself what film can form in a simple kitchen sink within a week if it is not cleaned daily.


The manufacturer’s instructions for use are easy to follow and simple to implement. First, of course, the dishwasher must be completely emptied. There should be no more cutlery or dishes in the baskets. Now insert a Fuugu dishwasher detergent tab where you usually insert the dishwasher tab: in the slot provided. The dishwasher should now run a round empty and clean itself. Therefore, you switch on a normal rinse cycle. The rest takes care of itself while you do something else.

The Fuugu dishwasher tabs dissolve gradually. The biodegradable ingredients dissolve all unwanted substances exactly where you would never have gone. The unwanted deposits are rinsed away together with the water and drained out. When you open the dishwasher, you will notice that Fuugu Dishwasher Cleaner Tabs UK have a visible and noticeable effect. Even the hard-to-reach parts are hygienically clean again. The next rinse cycle proves that the dishes also smell and look the way you are used to again.

Fuugu trays are used for the complete cleaning of your dishwasher. Thanks to the powerful cleaning effect, one could definitely speak of deep cleaning. All limescale deposits and fat molecules, on which bacteria and mould spores have spread, are washed away. And without the use of aggressive chemicals or manual intervention. The fresh lemon scent tells you that everything in your dishwasher is back to its best. Fuugu Tabs also improve your quality of life. You save valuable time and ensure hygienic conditions in the kitchen for little money.

One Fuugu Tab per month does what you could not have done just as well with your own hands. We find this product effective and timely. Until dishwasher manufacturers invent and build self-cleaning machines, the smart Fuugu Tab is a useful invention.

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Critical consumers are not taken in by advertising promises in magazines, online forums or TV shows. They want to test a product without obligation. The manufacturer of Fuugu Tabs makes this possible by ordering a six-pack of Fuugu cleaning tabs. This allows them to carry out their own test cleanings of the dishwasher for six months at a favourable discount price.

  • Purchasing Fuugu Tabs in Ireland and the UK is risk-free for a limited time with seventy percent off all packs. In addition, a dissatisfied customer can return the opened pack without giving any reason. Unfortunately, only the postage of 4.95 euros cannot be refunded. The remaining price, however, can. The test is therefore also worthwhile in terms of price. There is absolutely no risk involved.
  • A pack of Fuugu dishwasher tablets currently costs only 17.95 euros instead of the usual 59.83 for six Fuugu tabs. So you get six individually packaged tabs at a unit price of 2.99 euros per dishwasher cleaning. On top of this, there is a delivery charge of 4.95 euros, which applies equally to all pack sizes.
  • Some consumers buy two packs at once to pass one on. In this case, they receive a total of 12 Fuugu Dishwasher Cleaner tablets. They pay only 33.90 euros. However, the price for two packs of Fuugu Tabs would actually have been 113.00 euros. The savings offer, which is only valid for a few more days, reduces the individual price of a pack by one euro to 16.95 euros. This means that one tab costs only 2.82 euros. If you don’t give away the second pack of Fuugu Dishwasher Cleaner, you can keep your dishwasher hygienically clean for a year. You do not need more than one Fuugu Tab per month.
  • If you want to play it safe and save a lot of money, buy three or four packs at once. In this case, we can do the following calculation for you: You would have to pay 153 euros for three packs of Fuugu dishwasher cleaner. Instead, for a short period of time, you will receive three packs for a total of 45.90 euros, i.e. at a favourable package price of 15.30 euros per pack. Thus, a single Fuugu cleaning tablet will only cost you a super-cheap 2.55 euros instead of the normally incurred 8.50 euros per tablet.
  • For those who can do the math, invest in four packs of Fuugu dishwasher tablets with a total of 24 cleaning tablets. This corresponds to a two-year supply of dishwasher cleaning tablets. Your price for this service: currently only 55.80 euros instead of the usual 186 euros. Instead of the 17.95 that would normally have been charged for a single pack with this discounted offer, you now only pay 13.95 euros per single pack. This reduces the price for a single tab to 2.32 euros.

Whatever you decide on: The favourable price is worth it for improved hygiene and functionality of your dishwasher. The latter also influences its lifespan. However, as only a few paks of the smart Fuugu cleaning tabs are still available, you should decide quickly. The supply of the heavily discounted Fuugu Tabs is now limited. Soon, the normal price will probably be due again.

Fuugu reviews UK and Ireland, ratings and testimonials from customers (forum)

We’ve already said that our neighbour was very impressed. In the US, the success of Fuugu Tabs can be seen in the rave customer reviews. But Scandinavian immigrant families also like to use these cleaner tabs for the dishwasher.

  • So Olivia Kjeldsen wrote to the manufacturer about her concern about bacteria build-up in the dishwasher. She definitely didn’t want to make her family sick from mould in the dishwasher. In the USA, people are very picky about hygiene. Now that Mrs. Kjeldsen has tested the Fuugu Tabs, she is completely satisfied. She is convinced that her cutlery and dishes are just as clean as the dishwasher itself.
  • Sara P. Mogensen is also a verified customer whose family emigrated to the USA two generations ago. Ms Mogensen actually reported that she had tried to clean the smelly dishwasher by hand. This sometimes took several hours, as Mrs Mogensen was very meticulous about it. Moreover, it was not exactly pleasant work. Thanks to the Fuugu tabs, she now runs her dishwasher once a month without any contents. Meanwhile, she browses through a cookbook. The dishwasher is now sparkling clean even without hard work.
  • This is also confirmed by the experience of verified customer Chelsea Bakken, whose ancestors come from Belgium. She also uses an ageing dishwasher. The appliance apparently has a quality that is hard to find nowadays. After Mrs Bakken tested the Fuugu cleaning tabs in her dishwasher, she found that the appliance looked almost as good as new in its old age. As long as the electricity bill does not label her dishwasher as uneconomical, everything is fine. One should remain loyal to good quality for as long as possible. This also applies to the Fuugu Tabs.

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